Letters: Businesses are paying the price for folly from council

Au Bar on Shandwick Place has closed
Au Bar on Shandwick Place has closed
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IT WAS sad to read about the closing down of the popular pub Au Bar because business was hampered by the construction of the tram project (News, January 30).

It is only one of a number of businesses on Shandwick Place which have had to put the shutters up due to the disruption caused which has put shoppers and drinkers off visiting premises for the last few years.

Hard-working people have been made to pay the ultimate price as a sacrifice for an unnecessary transport system.

I’m sure those behind the idea were well-meaning people who enjoyed visions of a beautiful, shiny new tram adding a gleam to a fairytale city.

It’s just a pity that the project was not handed to people belonging to the real world, with enough experience to warn of the damage, financial and otherwise, it would do to Edinburgh if undertaken.

Peter Neil, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Banter is all right, but abuse is not

While banter and rivalry amongst football fans is par for the course, what is unacceptable is when this becomes abuse (News, January 30).

Fans guilty of this ought to take a close look at themselves and hang their heads in shame.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

Photo voucher joy has snapped

MY daughter bought a Jessops gift voucher for her father, a keen photographer and a regular customer at the shop.

Not a princely sum, but as much as she could afford. The perfect Christmas gift for him.

He spent time poring over the Jessops catalogue before deciding what he would like. At the shop, which was still trading, he was told that vouchers were not being accepted until the staff heard from head office. This sounded hopeful, but when he went back a few days later, the shop was closed and empty.

Had any customer walked out of Jessops without paying for their goods they would have been charged with theft. Surely this works both ways.

What can the holders of Jessops gift vouchers do now?

Mary Kerr, Milton Road East, Edinburgh

Will Westminster be true to word?

Throughout the debate on the independence referendum question and associated issues, the Scottish Government has been urged by the UK Government to follow the recommendations of the Electoral Commission.

The Scottish Government has now accepted the Electoral Commission’s revised wording on the referendum question.

The Commission also urged the UK Government and the Scottish Government to jointly agree to clarify what process will follow the referendum for either outcome.

Given that the UK Government has called for the full acceptance of the Electoral Commission recommendations, and the Scottish Government have now done this, one can look forward to the UK Government being true to its word and entering negotiations with the Scottish Government to outline the process in the event of a “Yes” or “No” vote.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh

SNP information beggars belief

THE SNP has claimed that Scotland as an independent state would automatically attain membership of the European Union.

Where it got this information from beggars belief. It certainly did not come from the official European Commission.

Like everything else about its political agenda on health, education and the economy, the SNP uses its own language, jargonistic expertise and coded euphemism to capture and confuse the electorate.

Education and health as well as our public services are suffering the rebound from the SNP Government.

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marischal Road, Edinburgh

Public’s opinion is what matters

DAVID Cameron has said he does not want to leave the despised EU.

Well, the thing is, David Cameron is elected by the public, not to serve himself.

So his thoughts and wishes are completely irrelevant. If we vote to leave the EU, so be it, what David Cameron thinks means nothing.

It is public opinion that counts, nothing else.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar