Letters: Capital celebrations are ranked among the best

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MORAY McAndrew and his co-signers need to get their facts straight before casting around factual mis-statements (Letters, December 18).

There are 138 stalls across the various Christmas sites, selling crafts, products, food and alcohol. It is incorrect for Mr McAndrew and his co-signers to insinuate that Underbelly are selling all the alcohol. There are, in fact, six different bar suppliers across the sites.

It is also incorrect for Mr McAndrew and his co-signers to state that there is only one Scottish trader in Princes Street Gardens. There are in fact 17 Scottish-based traders in Princes Street Gardens.

Mr McAndrew and his co-signers also ignore the fact that there are 13 Scottish-based traders at the Scottish Market in St Andrew Square. These include Romanes & Paterson, Eden Brewery, The Scottish Cafe and Urban Angel to name a few. All traders in St Andrew Square sell produce made in Scotland.

Mr McAndrew also ignores the fact that Edinburgh’s Christmas employs over 210 people from Scotland, many of whom work on the markets. This is great for local employment.

Since Edinburgh’s Christmas opened on November 22, more than 1.3 million people have visited our sites in the city centre to enjoy the atmosphere, quality foodstuffs and attractions that Edinburgh’s Christmas has to offer. In a recent report from CNN, Edinburgh and its Christmas celebrations were highlighted as one of the top ten winter destinations from around the world. Edinburgh’s Christmas believes that we should celebrate this and we fervently hope that the Edinburgh Evening News does too.

Charlie Wood, director of Underbelly and producer of Edinburgh’s Christmas

We’re playing second fiddle as a music city

Having recently attended a gig at the Picture House I totally agree with the sentiments of Murray Ross that Edinburgh can ill afford to lose yet another music venue, especially one that has iconic status (News, December 17).

Edinburgh is famous throughout the world for its arts festivals and festive celebrations, but it is in grave danger of becoming a backwater with regard to live music if venues like the Picture House are allowed to be lost, probably forever.

Glasgow on the other hand might not enjoy the reputation that Edinburgh has with regard to festivals and the like, but with an abundance of live music venues of varying sizes it is without a doubt the number one city in Scotland for live music.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

Thriving market is a very welcome sign

I WAS interested to read about the pressures in terms of cost and availability across the rental market in Edinburgh (News, December 13). Many people rent because the cost of securing or more accurately putting down a deposit, on their own home, is often out of reach. Recent incentives including Help to Buy and house-builders’ own schemes offer an attractive alternative to renting and have already enabled many to move into property ownership, freeing up rental tenancies.

The housing market is picking up and the developers are working hard to provide new build homes for a range of owners.

Renting or buying, a thriving property market is a prosperous sign of the health of the sector, end one that we very much welcome.

Stewart Lyne, managing director – Scotland, Miller Homes, Lochside View, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh

Which side is ‘No’ supporter really on?

E BILLINGHAM of Bruntsfield, the west side of Edinburgh’s devout unionist (Letters, December 17), has surely not been listening with open ears to the words of David Cameron.

He was quoted as declining a face to face debate with the Scottish First Minister because the matter of independence or not should be left to Scots in the Better Together camp. Does E Billingham genuinely think the electorate in this country could stomach the likes of Jeremy Hunt or Michael Gove trying to explain what you may consider the pitfalls of separation?

Laughable in the least . . . and then you suggest John Major! I am slowly beginning to think you are a plant for the “Yes” campaign, my friend.

Considering Nicola Sturgeon has sent two secretary of states homeward to think again, none of the characters you have suggested would make her shake in her winter boots.

George Dolbear Robertson, Magdalene Avenue, Edinburgh

Managers should tell us what it is they do

after the volunteer clean-up in certain park areas within Edinburgh, Cllr Lesley Hinds praised the fact the city had 24 green flag awards for park cleanliness.

At the time I criticised her, suggesting she should take a trip down to London Road Gardens, which is one of those parks, as it was an utter disgrace. She obviously did not go to the area herself, because if she did it would not be in the state it is.

It has never been cleaned in around three weeks. This area comes under the control of city centre management, who already have an extremely poor score as given by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

What exactly do the management within this department actually do all day? Getting out and about is certainly something they should do but obviously do not.

Whether it be the littering within the city centre, the endless signage they fail to see is uplifted or just the general poor standard of maintenance, the service provided by them is extremely poor and does not justify the expense of continuing with this department.

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh