Letters: Capital should roll out the gold carpet for Olympians

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In honour of all the Scots who have competed at the Olympics, perhaps Alex Salmond should organise some sort of reception for them at a prestigious location such as Edinburgh Castle with special attention going to those who have won medals.

After all, none of these competitors will again have the chance to compete in an Olympic Games on home soil, so something ought to be done to commemorate this unique moment in Scottish sporting 

Also, in special recognition of Sir Chris Hoy’s achievements, after he is given the freedom of the city perhaps it would be fitting if he were to be given the honour of ushering in a new era of transportation in Edinburgh by declaring the trams open for business – when, of course, they are finally up and running.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

Spare us the trees and fix our roads

It is a crazy notion to spend money on planting trees down Leith Walk (News, August 4). When it was last done the trees died of pollution from traffic. It would be much better to spend the money on re-laying the pavements and the roads in the Walk then there would be spare money to concentrate on the potholes in the side roads, especially Bellevue Road, which must have one of the worst surfaces in 

A Forrest, Bellevue Road, Edinburgh

Make it Christmas the whole year

It was just last week when I browsed through one of Princes Street’s best known department stores, sheltering from the pouring rain, and I couldn’t quite believe my ears.

Amidst the din and throng of noisy shoppers, some 
in-store music really stood out. A fantastic, enduring medley of Christmas tunes!

The music brought back to me all the cheer and charm of Christmas time, and seemed to enthral many of my fellow shoppers who displayed broad smiles and happy grins.

It really made me think as to whether this was all a bit of a mistake, perhaps an unwitting choice by a tired shop-worker, or (as I would prefer to consider) a little bit of festival-inspired mischief, aimed at uplifting the spirits of the dampened masses in the aisles.

But perhaps more importantly, it also made me ponder as to why these wonderful feelgood tunes are only played at Christmas time. Why not all year round at the most appropriate moments?

Paul von Gryphon, Jamaica Mews, Edinburgh

Welcome to city centre nightmare

What on earth is going on in Edinburgh? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a huge marquee at the east end of George Street, blocking the whole road.

My sympathy is with our bus drivers who have had to endure months of inconvenience and chaos caused by the closure of Princes Street to facilitate our unwanted trams.

Most of us are really fed up with the whole situation. Princes Street has become a nightmare for many people who, like myself, just avoid the city centre nowadays.

Mrs G Howard, Bonaly Rise,


Wind of change for German power

Following the tsunami in Japan and the nuclear disaster, Germany initially decided to opt out of nuclear power and also fossil-based energy.

What a difference a year makes – 23 new coal-fired power plants are being built across Germany and the German environmental minister, Peter Altmaier, supports the construction of even more coal-burning plants.

Germany has 22,200 wind turbines, but Altmaier states that the cost of electricity from renewable sources is still too expensive and in order not to jeopardise the German economy one would have to “be in a position to be able to offer energy at prices that can compare with that of the main power competitors in other industrialised countries”.

Coal does this.

Wind turbines are the most expensive and inefficient way to produce electricity.

In Altmaier, Germany has a sensible politician. Our politicians with their green blinkers will drive us into economic 

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow