LETTERS: City airport flight path critics protest too much

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I am not sure why residents in West Lothian are complaining about the new flight paths that Edinburgh Airport use (‘Residents demand flight path trial halted’, Evening News, August 26).

I live on part of the route that planes use after an Easterly take off from runway 06 at Edinburgh. Most flights taking off from this direction go out over Crammond and then turn towards Fife and fly over any area between Aberdour to Rosyth.

By the time they fly over Rosyth they have usually gained altitude somewhere between 3000-5000ft. At busy times of the day sometimes we have planes flying over our house every 2-3 minutes.

In all the years that they have been coming over Fife I can honestly say that although I am aware of them they have certainly not caused me any problem.

I also know several people who live in or close to Crammond which is even nearer to the airport than Fife, or indeed some areas in West Lothian. The people I know in the Crammond area tell me that the planes flying over their homes don’t really bother them and after a while you get used to it and don’t even think twice about it.

An analogy that I have heard is that it is not any worse than having a home next to a busy rail line or motorway.

If people are not happy about living on or near to a flight path then perhaps they should put their homes up for sale and cash in, as I believe that there are many aviation enthusiasts who would snap at the chance to get a home close to an airport.

Mr Alastair Macintyre, Webster Place, Rosyth , Fife

Nothing dubious about Ladyboys revue show

From the several mistaken assumptions which Richard Lucas makes about the Ladyboys of Bangkok, (Letters, August 24) one can only assume he knows nothing about the troupe.

Mr Lucas speaks of there being a novelty in seeing men resemble women. The Ladyboys, however, are not post-op transsexuals, they are male female impersonators, as pointed out on their own website. Therefore, we are not talking of ‘out of the ordinary results of surgery’.

It seems to me that Mr Lucas is speaking only for himself when he refers to trans people as a ‘novelty’, ‘distasteful’ and a ‘Victorian freak show’.

Mr Lucas argues that sexuality can be ‘distorted’ if a man is attracted to a man who looks like a woman. First, sexuality is never distorted - we are born with our sexuality and if Mr Lucas doubts that, I would ask him to tell us all when he ‘decided’ to be heterosexual.

Second, what if a man looks naturally effeminate or a woman looks naturally masculine and they receive attention from the same sex? Are they to blame for the way they were made?

Mr Lucas says that ‘gender convolution’ is widespread in the Thai sex industry. Correct. And the Ladyboys of Bangkok make large donations to the Pattaya Street Kids Project, which helps homeless children and protects them from the seedier side of the Thai sex industry.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok have been coming to the Edinburgh Festival every year since 1998. Therefore, their appearance this year is hardly because they are ‘in vogue’, as Mr Lucas suggests.

Mr Lucas in his letter speaks at length about sexuality, while the Ladyboys of Bangkok show, while challenging the gender binary, is not even overtly sexual but is more of a revue show which contains no nudity.

He has obviously never seen the show or he would not make so many unproven accusations and call their morality ‘dubious’.

If Mr Lucas wants to get high and mighty about morals, perhaps he can tell us what he has done recently to protect Thai children from pimps and sex tourists?

Mr Leslie John Thomson, Moredunvale Green

Building conversion should be monitored

The planning department which allows building conversions should ensure that work is completed in a timely fashion. Next door to us work has been going on for over a year.

The unoccupied house has workmen coming and going at intermittent times. At the moment it is evenings and weekends.

The property from day one is like a building site. There is the added eyesore of a 1000cu ft shipping container sitting in the front garden for nine months which I do not now consider temporary.

Peter Thompson, Brunstane Crescent, Edinburgh

Thanks to bus staff for coming to my rescue

I would like to thank Darren and John from Lothian Buses who looked after me when I became unwell on the number 11 bus recently. They ensured I got home safely and contacted my family on my behalf. I really appreciated their patience and understanding.

Mrs M Stevenson, Hutchison Cottages, Edinburgh

Figures show religion’s role is diminishing

Latest figures in the Scottish Household Survey show Scots identifying as ‘not religious at all’ have increased as predicted to about half the population.

For us there is little surprise in these figures, but no schadenfreude as all are free follow to their religious faith.

But with barely a quarter of Scots saying that they are Church of Scotland is it not time to reimagine Scotland’s ‘nation church’ as a respectable but minority private belief system and not as an institution claiming to represent the spirituality of all with unelected seats on education committees and access to state schools?

Neil Barber, Edinburgh Secular Society, Saughtonhall Drive