Letters: City centre being floored by out-of-town shopping

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As a town planner, I occasionally find myself baffled by my profession, and this is one of those times.

The decision to allow further out-of-town floorspace at Fort Kinnaird will further undermine the city centre of Edinburgh. Princes Street is struggling as it is and the east end is now completely vacant because of the tram works.

The Scottish Government should seek to protect town and city centres from out-of-centre retailing, as the system is clearly not working, allowing bad decisions such as this to be made in the pursuit of illusionary jobs and growth which will only be diverted from the city centre.

Iain Paton, Pilgrims Hill, Linlithgow, West Lothian

Waverley smokers are off the rails

People passing the new entrance to Edinburgh Waverley Station should be equipped with gas masks.

In order to exit or enter the station this way you have to either gulp clean air and hurry through without taking another breath until you are in the station or half way along Princes Street, or run the risk of inhaling smoke and smelling like an ashtray.

It appears to be a meeting place for Smokers United and is absolutely disgusting. This does not give a good impression for arriving visitors and their first glimpse of Edinburgh is through other people’s cigarette smoke.

The new stonework is dirty already with people putting their feet up while they smoke. I am sure most non-smokers and people with children will give this entrance/exit a wide berth. Something has to be done about this.

Gary Marshall, Edinburgh

Bus ticket rises are just not fare

Bus fares have risen in Edinburgh by 40 per cent since the SNP came into power at Holyrood.

It is a disgrace that this stealth tax has been allowed to go on as the SNP change the way they fund buses to give advantage to rural areas. The rise adds up to around £200 a year for the average bus user, which is a brutal blow in such difficult times.

Michelle Smythe, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Hibs link sparked forces friendship

IT is good to see the once mighty Hibs in the cup final.

In 1945 at an RAF HQ in India I was chatting to two Scots and when they found out I knew about the rivalry with Hearts and my name was the same as their hero (the flying winger of Hibs and Scotland), I became an instant friend!

Gordon Smith, Maida Vale, London