Letters claim Riggi wanted to be with ‘angels’

Theresa Riggi, jailed for killing her three children, reportedly wrote letters from prison saying she wanted to be with her 'angels'. Pic: Katielee Arrowsmith
Theresa Riggi, jailed for killing her three children, reportedly wrote letters from prison saying she wanted to be with her 'angels'. Pic: Katielee Arrowsmith
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KILLER Theresa Riggi said she wanted to be “reunited with her children” in a series of letters sent from her prison cell, it has been reported.

Riggi, 50, was jailed for 16 years after she stabbed her three children to death at their home in Slateford in August, 2010, before trying to set off an explosion and throwing herself from the second-floor balcony.

She was found dead in Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire earlier this month early indications suggest she died of natural causes.

And in letters written between October 2011 and the weeks before her death she reportedly described her children as “angels” and said they were watching over her.

In the letters, written to a male friend and published in a Sunday newspaper, Riggi also claimed she “lost my mind” over fears estranged husband Pasquale Riggi was planning to take twins Gianluca and Austin, 8, and five-year-old Cecilia away from her.

“I lost my mind amidst pressure, grief and panic,” she said.

The letters also made reference to her desire to die, saying: “All I want is to be with my children. That is my real pain, the separation from them and the tragedy surrounding us.

“My only real goal is to get to them in the best way possible and if I can comfort and ease the pain of others on my way there, I will.

“I would gladly submit to execution.”

The letters do not contain any suggestion of remorse however, with Riggi only referring to the deaths of her children as “the tragedy”.

Riggi, who psychiatrists described as suffering from a narcissistic and paranoid personality, went on: “All I truly want is to be with my children.

“It’s like having your heart ripped out and everyone saying ‘Live!’ How do you live without a vital organ? My children were vital to me.

“I must remember that with each day passing I am much closer to being with my angels when the time is right. So painful to wait though.”

The friend who received the letters also said Riggi had stopped eating, after being put under intense supervision following repeated suicide attempts.

“I began to notice that she was talking more and more about food - how awful it was and that she wasn’t eating,” the friend was quoted as saying.

“I firmly believe that ... because of the intense scrutiny she was under, she was taking control of the only thing she could - her food.

“I am sure that took a terrible toll on her body, particularly her heart.”

It is understood Riggi’s body is to be flown back to the US for burial in a family plot.

The initial inquiry into her death has suggested she died of natural causes but a full inquest will be delayed until the completion of toxicology tests.

Nottinghamshire Police have said there were no obvious signs of trauma on her body when she was found dead in her room at Rampton on March 10 during a routine check.