Letters: Crucial chance to air views on divisive school project

Portobello High School
Portobello High School
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Tonight there will be a special meeting of Portobello Community Council called to ask Portobello Park Action Group to drop its appeal to the courts about building a new high school on Portobello Park.

As no-one disagrees that a replacement school is needed, where it is to be built has been the major issue in Portobello for the past six years.

It is essential that views throughout the spectrum of opinion in the community are treated with respect and where both groups and individuals are not vilified simply because they hold a different opinion. This includes the right to follow due legal process.

The vociferous campaign taking place in Portobello to drop the appeal has had the opposite effect to that intended and has only stiffened resolve to follow the process to its conclusion in those who oppose losing this large area of Portobello’s parks.

Although the meeting will reveal differences, I trust all present believe that the Community Council should, and will, accurately reflect the differing opinions in Portobello.

Stephen Hawkins, councillor for Portobello/Craigmillar

Charge those who are able to pay

THE letter printed regarding reforming bus travel and raising the possibility of aligning elderly travel passes, in line with pension age changes and timescales, sounds worthy of consideration (Letters, April 24). However it is disappointing, on reading further, that this is “to make sure fares are not increased for everyone else”.

The fit, able and employed cannot expect to be ring-fenced at the expense of the elderly. Increased funds should be collected from those most able to pay, not the least.

If you do not wish to act as a member of a community, contributing when most able, then don’t use the community’s buses.

A Keith, Braids, Edinburgh

Limit change is hard to figure

WHAT’S the point of reducing speed limits in certain areas of Edinburgh from 30mph to 20mph, when motorists never adhered to the limits and still don’t, now they are 20mph? What a waste of money.

P Siosal, Salisbury Road, Edinburgh

No effort made to invite candidate

AS a candidate for the Forth ward I have received no invitation to attend either of the hustings Anna Hutchison refers to (Letters, April 23).

Neither myself nor my election agent were aware of them until it was highlighted on Friday 20 through the community council I serve upon.

It is extremely concerning that nobody organising the hustings at Royston Wardieburn Community Centre thought to ask their management committee for my contact details. Over the many years I have become well known to a number of them, yet no effort has been made to contact me.

Had I been made aware of the event prior to this date I would not have accepted an invitation to a meeting with a local community group as up until Wednesday 18 they were being flexible with the date as long as I gave them seven days’ notice so they could let their members know.

I will endeavour to assure there is a representative in attendance on behalf of the SNP.

So, Anna Hutchison, get your facts right before trying to promote your own political views, using a community event to do so.

George Gordon, SNP candidate for the Forth ward

Who exactly is running things?

ISN’T it time the leader of The Scottish News Corporation Party, and puppet First Minister, told us which newspaper was actually running this country?

David Fiddimore, Calton Road, Edinburgh