Letters: Disastrous trams project will be to no-one’s benefit

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THE tram project is a step into the ridiculous, and immensely damaging to Edinburgh. A quick review of the details tells the tale.

The cost to date is now £600 million and rising. Now we are told that it could rise to £1 billion. For that, what are the benefits to residents of Edinburgh?

The route is very limited, just a line from the airport via South Gyle to St Andrew Square.

A small, single corridor serving just a limited sector of Edinburgh, with a limited number of stops along the way.

The damage done to the business community along Leith Walk is bad enough, but now businesses along Shandwick Place are hanging on by their fingernails.

The total cost of damage done to Edinburgh businesses and tourism is immeasurable. Just who will benefit?

Is it really worth the cost and disruption it is causing the city of Edinbugh’s residents?

The obvious answer to most concerned is a very loud “no”. The tram project is a disaster.

In May the city councillors responsible for this stupidity will look to be re-elected. Ha! They are now collectively responsible for ripping up the heart and soul of the city.

Michael Munro-Dunn, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Our society is still divided by class

WHEN the fuel delivery drivers voted to give their union the authority to call a strike, the Westminster government denounced them hysterically as treacherous lefties holding the country to ransom.

Another week and the teachers followed suit, but the government reaction was moderate – telling them not to be so naughty.

A week later, the BMA canvassed the GPs for strike action, and the government said . . . absolutely nothing. Why are such identical strike threats met by differing responses? Is it because the lorry drivers, are written off by Tories as working-class baddies to be resisted, the teachers as lower middle-class – and therefore open to reason or bribery – and the GPs upper middle- class, almost “one of us”, and virtually untouchable?

Are GPs less crucial to the nation than lorry drivers, or is it just that they have a less crucial effect on the profits of Tory Party donors?

After the best efforts of four generations of educationalists we still have a class riven society, and a government that governs principally for its chums. If the Tories are not decimated in council elections across the UK in May I shall believe that turkeys do indeed vote for Christmas.

David Fiddimore, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Fuel price biggest issue for buses

TERESA Sharp (Letters, April 18) ignores the fact that the main problems facing bus companies throughout the UK are the much higher fuel prices and cuts to all government department budgets thanks to the failed economic policies of successive Westminster governments.

The current recession also means fewer passengers can afford to travel regularly.

While the SNP government extended the concessionary travel scheme, the biggest percentage cut to the bus operators grants in the UK was imposed by the Labour-run Welsh Assembly.

Janice Thompson, Walter Scott Avenue, Edinburgh

Does SNP think we are stupid?

SNP politicians have told us how they will spend what’s left of the remaining oil money.

Joan McAlpine told us it would cut energy bills although she didn’t mention if this meant nationalising all energy companies in Scotland, Fergus Ewing told us it will pay for an oil fund, Alex Salmond admitted it would pay for current public spending.

The SNP doesn’t think the people are stupid, does it?

Dave Cochrane, Spottiswoode Street, Edinburgh