Letters: Edinburgh Accies’ unique charm must be preserved

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THE Edinburgh Accies rugby museum (News, April 4), will not preserve their most important historical asset. The essential character of the “cradle of Scottish rugby” lies not in a street name or a map reference or a few swathes of grassy turf.

It is the living tradition of playing rugby in the precise location all the great players of the past would recognise from its familiar views of all the old Edinburgh landmarks that they knew so well.

To erect a large, L-shaped grandstand between field and city amounts to literally turning your back on that historic setting and losing that precious sense of place.

Raeburn Place is a very special playing field in the history of not only Scottish rugby, but also cricket and tennis. It would be very sad if future generations were to be deprived of its picturesque beauty and only come to understand what has been lost via a few photographs and paintings in a museum.

Alan Murphy, Learmonth Grove, Edinburgh

Drug mules should serve sentence in Peru

I have read that concicted drugs offender Melissa Reid may serve her term in UK and cannot believe that I can be the only person in Scotland who is disgusted that this can be considered so early.

The two women involved obviously went to a foreign country in the hope of making a quick buck and had no consideration for the misery the product would bring on their return.

They were caught bang to rights and have played the system, which only goes to show how guilty they really are.

I believe that we should not be asked to pay for these girls’ detention. They appear to have already arranged transfer and release on tags. How will other children and young people see this as any deterrent?

This country has a big enough problem with drugs and I think that our justice minister should be challenged on his willingness to allow this to happen.

Joe Laird, by e-mail

Currency union would need monetary policy

William DAVIES (Letters, April 5), makes a simple comparison of views about keeping the Pound between the authoritative statements made by the three party leaders with that by an “unnamed senior minister”.

We need, in addition, to look at the reasons why a currency union is not desirable. Currency union without monetary and fiscal union can, over time, lead to the economies of the participating nations diverging.

Recently, this has been dramatically demonstrated in the eurozone, causing severe suffering for the people of countries such as Spain and Portugal and catastrophic suffering for the people of Greece.

Because of the currency union, these countries have not been able to rebalance their economies by the usual method of devaluing their currency. If an independent Scotland were to have a currency union with our friends and neighbours south of the Border, we would likely face the same difficulties as experienced within the eurozone.

Do we really want to take this risk?

John Higinbotham, Bruntsfield Gardens, Edinburgh

Panda breeding is just a zoo profit venture

Another day, another public relations story from the Edinburgh Zoo about the unfortunate pandas, Yang Guang and Tian Tian, held captive behind their prison walls.

These bears are even less likely to overcome the well-established detrimental impact of captivity on mating when the eyes of the world and those of the Edinburgh Zoo’s prison guards are upon them (Edinburgh Zoo pandas set to mate in 2 weeks, April 4).

Every single facet of their lives is controlled by the zoo, which apparently couldn’t give a monkey’s about the stress that these bears endured during last year’s botched attempt to produce a baby, as they gear up for this year’s fiasco. A panda cub may bolster the zoo’s coffers but does nothing to protect pandas in nature.

The killing of Marius, the young giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo, should make it clear that these mating programmes are purely profit-making ventures, and perhaps now people who genuinely care about giraffes, pandas and other animals will recognise that buying a ticket to the Edinburgh Zoo or any other such facility contributes to the problem. The seedy practice of selling, renting, mating, trading and killing animals for profit is an issue far more worthy of writing about.

Ben Williamson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), All Saints Street, London

Turn the old Odeon into a music venue

NOW that the Picture House in Lothian Road has closed, it is more important than ever to get the former Odeon Picture House in Clerk Street to open as a music venue.

Jim, Barrow, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Calling all Darroch School old girls

I AM trying to trace any lady who was a former pupil of Darroch Secondary School on Gillespie Street, Tollcross, between 1959-62, for a class and school reunion in May. Last year I managed to reunite ten of us and I am keen to trace Ethel Davie. When we left school in March 1962 we promised to keep in touch, but things happen.

Angela Lancashie (Downie), 8, Marlborough Street, Portobello, 0131 669-8739