Letters: Film studio has no place at Straiton

Revellers wait at a pick-up zone for a lift home from T in the Park at Strathallan Castle. Picture: Hemedia
Revellers wait at a pick-up zone for a lift home from T in the Park at Strathallan Castle. Picture: Hemedia
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I Can’t believe T in the Park boss Geoff Ellis is claiming the festival was a success – someone has to hold him and DF Concerts to account and get Perth and Kinross Council to revoke planning permission for 2016-17.

I refuse to believe that there is not a better suited venue in central Scotland than Strathallan Castle.

Granted, the bands were great, but the organisation was beyond a shambles – as has been pointed out over and over again and point blank ignored.

These should not be dismissed as “teething problems”. This was bad organisation at every level.

I have been going to festivals for over 14 years in the UK and abroad. I understand that there will be queues, the occasional crush and getting home afterwards isn’t always smooth.

What I cannot stand is the current PR spin that Geoff Ellis and DF are pulling by putting the blame on their loyal customers for things that went wrong.

On the Saturday night I had arranged to be picked up at the West pick-up point, unaware that that evening my lift would have to go to the East drop-off and drive around the whole venue to get to the West – a drive which took four hours.

After realising that they had been directed to the East and that no cars were coming down the road we had come down earlier that day, we decided that being soaking and freezing cold, it would make sense to walk to the East car park, as they were stuck in traffic and hadn’t moved in two hours.

We were not allowed to walk through the venue and directed down country roads which were pitch black. After a few minutes walking the unlit roads, we felt totally unsafe and returned to the West entrance.

A mile from the entrance about 80-100 people had gathered. There were seven police officers there and after ten minutes I had to go up and ask them to make sure a girl lying 20 feet from them at the side of the road was OK.

They confirmed they hadn’t checked her and at my request confirmed she was unconscious, soaked to the skin and lying by the side of the road. Cars were infrequent but were still coming up the road.

Why change the drop-off/pick-up system without telling those attending the festival? Where is the logic in that?

There was no-one explaining anything, handing out water or anything to keep us warm. It is a blessing that no-one was killed, given the number of people who were tired, drunk or soaked through, and who either tried to walk home themselves or fell asleep at the side of the road.

Like I said, I have been to festivals and I know what to expect – what I experienced on that Saturday night is not acceptable on any level.

Kristin Lewis, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

SNP is letting itself down at Westminster

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP MPs at Westminster whinge that the UK Government doesn’t show them enough respect. Respect has to be earned by the manner in which you comport yourself in actions, deeds and words as well as your achievements. In all these areas the SNP have fallen woefully short of acceptable standards.

They have proven themselves to be unprincipled, duplicitous and opportunistic. For years they have ranted on about “Tory snobs”, “Eton toffs”, “Westminster posh boys” and “Hooray Henrys”.

I cannot recall any similar name-calling coming back from Westminster. Imagine the furore if just once David Cameron were to call them a “bunch of jumped-up Jocks”.

The SNP would do well to remember the wise sayings “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”, and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Donald Lewis, Gifford, East Lothian

Labour get it wrong over nationalism

The political trajectory in Scotland is still moving from Labour to the SNP. Appealing to a left-leaning electorate, both parties are perceived to be of the left. So, why the move from one to the other?

Pundits point to Labour abandoning socialist principles and its toxic 
shoulder-to-shoulder stance with the Conservatives in the referendum campaign.

Why then, do some on the left still support a lapsed Labour Party? Well, some are simply careerists, while others might vote SNP if only they could get their heads around Scottish nationalism.

They fail to understand that there are two types of nationalism – progressive left nationalism and regressive right nationalism. The former is based on class struggle and social justice. It stands in contrast to the latter which can be imperialistic and often leads to racism and fascism.

Labour activists constantly claim to be internationalists, yet fail to acknowledge that to be an internationalist, one first has to accept that separate nations exist. Often influenced by Marxism, they wrongly interpret Marx as categorically rejecting nationalism when, in fact, he supported progressive proletarian nationalism if it came from class struggle against the unfair rule by one country over another, as long as this struggle was based within an internationalist framework.

Jack Fraser , Clayknowes Drive , Musselburgh

12-hour A&E waiting lists are far too long

IT is simply shocking and unacceptable that eight people were kept waiting more than 12 hours to receive treatment at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (News, July 15).

No doubt this must have been deeply upsetting and surely cannot be allowed to continue.

Prompt action is required to reduce the waiting times at Edinburgh’s flagship A&E department.

Mrs June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh