Letters: Gordon Brown knows true cost of Scotland staying in union

Gordon Brown has been accused of scaremongering
Gordon Brown has been accused of scaremongering
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Gordon Brown, as a former chancellor of the exchequer and Prime Minister, must be aware that every year individuals and businesses in Scotland send significantly more money to London in taxes than the UK Government spends in Scotland.

His recent predictions that independence would inevitably bring higher taxes and/or cuts in services must, therefore, be seen as yet more disingenuous unionist scaremongering.

If we kept all taxes raised here, we would be better off, not worse.

Support for the union is a perfectly respectable position to hold, but not one that should require to be bolstered by deliberately and mischievously misrepresenting the facts.

Peter Swain, Innerwick, Dunbar

Let nation guide its own future

The contradictory letters from David Fiddimore and Chas Dennis (News, August 13), where one says independence is too modern and the other suggests it belongs to the past, merely illustrates that independence means different things to different people.

Do we want a modern social democratic Scotland or to remain with Westminster which, under successive Labour and Tory governments, favours the rich and maintains archaic privileges such as the House of Lords?

Why should someone else decide how much pocket money we get?

After independence it will be up to the people of Scotland to decide what kind of nation we want, but we will decide for ourselves as we are best placed to judge.

Independence is the normal state of affairs as the United Nations has grown to 193 countries and they are interdependent, co-operating with others towards mutual aims.

Under devolution Scotland has no say in international matters and one thing is certain – no country regrets becoming independent or ever asks to be taken back.

Fraser Grant, Warrender Park Loan, Edinburgh

Look north for true home of heroes

AS someone from the north east, I should point out that Aberdeenshire and the north east has more Olympic medallists than either Edinburgh or Glasgow, but I suppose Alex Salmond would be accused of favouritism if Scotland’s homecoming parade was held in his political backyard.

Edinburgh is not yet a proper capital city and doesn’t need this parade as it is a major tourist destination and recently had a sporting parade for the Scottish Cup winners.

Glasgow deserves the parade as a result of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Janice Thompson, Walter Scott Avenue, Edinburgh

Games show we are better united

What did we learn from the Olympics?

How the four home countries together took on the rest of the world and succeeded without interference.

With a strong union we can learn from each other.

CJR Fentiman, Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh