Letters: Government must say ‘no Scots fracking’

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FRACKING in America has made vast profits for investment companies; it has also caused contamination of the water table, with toxic chemicals making it impossible to drink or use in some places.

In some areas water is having to be transported in and stored in containers by householders.

Imagine that happening in areas already earmarked for widespread fracking in the central belt of Mid, West and East Lothian.

The immediate danger arises, as it did with wind turbines, of private landowners making deals with fracking companies. This must be prohibited now.

The Scottish Government must, without any ifs or buts, state clearly that fracking will not be allowed in any shape or form.

The potential disaster for the people of our water supplies being polluted in the pursuit of profit must be stopped.

Anthony Delahoy, Silverknowes Gardens, Edinburgh

Defibrillator campaign deserves our applause

i am delighted that the Evening News has been shortlisted for an award, which highlighted your campaign concerning defibrillators (News, May 11).

Your ‘Shockingly easy’ campaign has raised awareness of the need to install these most important machines at every sports facility across the Lothians.

Congratulations, the paper truly deserves an award for this worthwhile campaign.

Mrs June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh

Malala naming plan will lead to tension

I WAS aghast to read that the new building at James Gillespie’s High school will be named after Malala Yousafzai.

Such a move will only antagonise the Muslim community in the city and lead to an increase in tension.

I sincerely hope that the council will change its mind on this matter, display some sensitivity and scrap this inflamatory plan.

Alexander Stewart, Rosemount Buildings, Edinburgh

Time to bring hospital catering back inhouse

IN her comment piece, Lynne Douglas mentions that hospitals need to deliver balanced meals (News, May 4).

We surely could adopt inside caterers and not have meals transferred from elsewhere in big refrigerator vans, and not very appetising when delivered to patients.

What happened to the cooks who were formerly used to cook a good selection of pleasant, nourishing meals on site? Bring TV chef James Martin on board.

Surely staff know how to prepare patients for meals, as Lynne suggests?

Betty Walker, Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh

We don’t want another indy vote thanks Nicola

WHY does Nicola Sturgeon keep on about having another independence referendum here in Scotland? It is over and done with.

Can she and the SNP not accept that they lost last time? The Scottish people voted ‘No’, as we want to keep the United Kingdom and not be separated, as we are part of Britain.

United we stand, divided we fall. We need each other in this terrorised world.

The only UK referendum I would want is a vote to get us out of Europe, as they are bleeding us dry.

Mrs Phyllis Muir, Findlay Avenue, Edinburgh

Tracing James Chalmers from NZ to Edinburgh

I am a Kiwi but have the good fortune to be working in Scotland in May and June. I intend visiting Perth and Edinburgh to do some genealogical research.

My 4-times great grandfather was James Chalmers (1740-1816) and he was a sheriff substitute of Perth. He was born in Alyth, married at St Andrew’s and St Leonard’s in Fife and is buried in Greyfriars Cemetery. He lived in Grangemount/Grangemouth? He had three children Alison, Grace and William.

My ideal would be to find and meet up with any other descendants of James, but failing that I would love to learn a little more about James and the life he lived...where would he have worked? Where would he have gone?

If any reader of your newspaper could help me, I would be really delighted to hear from them. My email address is karen.macleod@gmail.com

Karen Macleod, Dunedin, New Zealand

Politicians need to be held to account

AFTER the election results I was surprised how many people told me to shut up when I tried to talk about it.

It is fair enough that some people see politicians as nothing more than self-serving scroungers, but politicans have a major influence on our lives, including how much tax and national insurance we pay.

So I don’t understand how so many people can shake their heads and shrug their shoulders.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar

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