Letters: Heritage groups should turn attention to Accies

Accies development plans have been controversial
Accies development plans have been controversial
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HERITAGE groups including Historic Scotland are swarming like angry bees over a planning application involving a large “L-shaped” building (Planners’ report branded ‘appalling’, Evening News, August 12).

But they are buzzing around the wrong “L”.

The back-door demolition of a dreary, disused 1960s office block in St Andrew Square is a big deal only to students of modern architecture.

But the Edinburgh Academicals development will be an “L” of a disaster for everyone – including the Accies.

Their 19th century playing field is of national cultural significance in terms of the history of sport.

Moreover, it provides an important spatial break between two key stages in the architectural heritage of Edinburgh.

Planning consent for the Accies’ L-shaped complex has been granted.

Why didn’t Historic Scotland object?

Alan Murphy, Learmonth Grove, Edinburgh

Housing has ruined Ratho environment

The idyllic, rural aspect of the Union Canal at Ratho has been irrevocably changed for the worse by the insensitive housing development by Cala Homes.

Housing now reaches almost to the towpath and a lovely mature hedge, formerly a home to numerous robins, thrushes, blackbirds, hedge sparrows and wrens has been grubbed out to provide the houses with a view of the canal.

As housing now looms over the waterway, canal users are confronted with a view of unremittingly dreary houses and residents of Ratho have seen a decline in the quality of their environment

One thing is sure – the directors of Cala Homes will not be living in this development.

Jim Stewart, Oxgangs Avenue, Edinburgh

Owners must clear dog poo

WITH the new school term starting, we are writing to complain about the matter of dog owners not cleaning up after their pets’ business.

Our school has witnessed the mishap of a child stepping on dog poo.

One of our class helpers had to take time from helping children with their work to clean up this mess just because some listless dog owner could not be bothered to clean up his dog’s business.

We think everyone should be responsible to clean up their pet’s mess.

We think that you should always bring doggy bags and put them in the right bin.

We hope this will never happen again.

Emma and Liam, primary six pupils, Longniddry Primary School, East Lothian

Waste department in need of clean sweep

Yet again the Evening News is highlighting the shocking state of our city, by using the overflowing bins in the Grassmarket as an example (Costliest night out in the UK . . and this is what you get, August 13).

However, we all know that the service provided by this the city council across Edinburgh all year round is shocking.

The Services for Communities department has no system in place whatsoever, hence the reason for the poor standard of cleanliness on our streets.

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh

Nothing has changed since 1979 referendum

My support for team Scotland ended back in 1979 when the result of that year’s devolution referendum confirmed speculation that the game was up and all was cosmetic and derisory.

Nothing much seems to have changed since then – apart from a pretendy parliament, with the result of the 2014 independence referendum an already forgone conclusion in favour remaining part of the United Kingdom.

David McPhillips, Broomfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Kitten-throwing yobs deserve to be jailed

I WAS in tears while reading how a tiny kitten had to be rescued from a group of vile drunken yobs who had been tossing the poor little mite through the air like a rugby ball (Evening News, August 13).

The three-week-old kitten was being thrown back and forth by the six-strong gang of laughing teenagers in Montague Street, Newington, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Well done to the woman passer-by who came to the kitten’s rescue on her way home from work.

She deserves praise for charging into the group before taking the kitten to animal welfare staff.

They have since named the young puss Lucky.

Absolute shame on the deplorable, evil scumbags who committed this cruel offence.

I hope they will be traced and thrown in jail.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh, East Lothian