Letters: HMS Edinburgh’s sailors worth a better welcome

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It doesn’t do much for the image of Edinburgh or indeed tourism in Scotland when a group of well dressed and no doubt well behaved service personnel are refused service in one of the Capital’s most historic bars, especially after having just been awarded the Freedom of the City (News, May 21).

Rules may be rules but I’m sure allowances should be made in certain circumstances.

Angus McGregor, Edinburgh

In mourning for the beautiful cherry trees

At this time of year I mourn the wanton desecration of the cherry trees in Nicolson Square by the council.

The poor stick-like things which have replaced them are no compensation for the glorious displays of blooms which used to grace this square.

On pursuing the council for this act of destruction I was told that they were “past their useful life”. Nonsense!

Witness the gorgeous cherry trees in nearby squares and highways which continue to adorn the suburbs.

That this loveliest of trees should have been uprooted is criminal.

Margaret Callis, Edinburgh

Farage is entitled to freedom of speech

Having read Martin Hannan’s article on the disgraceful treatment of Nigel Farage by 50-odd thugs in Edinburgh last week, (News, May 21) I can only conclude like others in his party, he condones mob rule. Why should Farage apologise for denouncing his tormentors as “racist”?

They were certainly acting like racists and took great delight in blocking Farage’s exit, which forced the police to lock him inside the pub. This could have turned really nasty and it is criminal that the SNP refuse to condemn this thuggish behaviour.

It is not for Martin Hannan to decide what politics have a place in Scotland, we will all make up our own minds quite soon thanks very much assuming of course Mr Hannan and the SNP allow us to hear ALL party views and not just theirs.

Edinburgh and the SNP should be apologising to Nigel Farage not the other way round, whether we agree with his views or not he is entitled to them as we are to listen to them if we want to.

It’s called free speech, Mr Hannan.

D Smith, Tranent

Why do Tories want to ditch EU policies?

THE antics of the Tories’ anti-European campaign supported by UKIP are designed to manipulate public opinion.

In the absence of any real information on the EU being readily available to the public, they feel confident of succeeding.

If you look carefully you will find one main aim is to do away with EU social policies – why?

Is it because they wish to improve on them? If so, that can be done right now. I suspect this is not their intention at all.

The EU’s social policies for member states include health protection and workplace safety; equal treatment for men and women; protection for children, the elderly and disabled people; improved working conditions; freedom of association and collective bargaining; social security protection; fair pay; and promotion of employment as a high priority.

Why are the Tories so keen to opt out? Do they disagree with any or all of these policies?

Be very aware of their call for our support in their campaign which, if successful, could inflict serious damage to our lives.

A Delahoy, Silverknowes Gardens, Edinburgh

The West has the best of large music venues

When are we in Edinburgh going to get a go ahead council?

On top of the SECC, Glasgow is about to open another world class venue for top international stars to perform.

Edinburgh is being left behind in this area, and its time our council gave us the same opportunity.

G Gorman, Edinburgh

The future under rule from London is bleak

SCOTLAND could benefit from a 
£4 trillion oil and gas windfall according to analysis from the Organisation for Economic Development, an international economic think tank.

This underlines the SNP’s claims about Scottish prosperity.

If the “No” campaign wins, Westminster will keep control of our oil and gas.

Successive governments have squandered this revenue.

Who ever thought that Labour would hook up with the Tories and the Lib Dems to deny the Scottish People a better life and a better future for our children? Under the UK Government, the future is bleak.

J Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh

Attack on dog must have been shocking

SHAME on the deplorable yob who left a dog with injuries after kicking and punching him when he was tied up outside a shop in Leith (News, May 21).

Jack Russell-cross Rory was tied up outside Tesco on Duke Street by his owner, and when she returned ten minutes later she found him covered in blood. Witnesses said a man kicked poor Rory in the stomach and punched him in the head.

His owner must have been extremely upset by this shocking and cruel attack.

I hope the sick low-life responsible is caught and thrown in jail as he deserves.

I also hope Rory will recover from his injuries.

Best wishes to him and his owner Rebecca Gibb.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh