Letters: If you want us to vote for you, come and talk to us

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A hustings event was arranged at Muirhouse last Thursday. Only three Forth Ward candidates bothered to attend – Labour, the Conservatives and the Greens were represented.

There was no representation from the SNP or the Liberal Democrats.

Steve Cardownie has also indicated that he will not be able to attend a hustings on Thursday at Royston Wardieburn Community Centre.

I understand that these representatives are busy, but they have not indicated that they will send anyone from their parties.

George Gordon is also standing in the Forth Ward along with Councillor Cardownie for the SNP – surely one of these candidates could represent their party?

Invitations have been sent to all prospective candidates but some have not bothered to reply.

Yet they expect people in Forth Ward to vote for them? I think not!

I hope the electorate remember this when they vote on May 3.

Anna Hutchison, Crewe Road West, Edinburgh

Coveted green space must stay

THE present Portobello High School, of which I am a former pupil, was built on parkland and was just over 40 years old when the council decided that a new school needed built.

The council wants to build the new high school on Portobello Park and is not replacing any lost green space.

If the new school is in fact built on the park, in 40 years, when it too needs replaced, where will the next school be built? On the golf course?

My daughter attends Towerbank Primary. The majority of parents who want the school to be built on the park do not originate from Portobello, have no connection with the park or the golf course and don’t care or understand the importance of preserving our beautiful park and golf course.

We need to keep what green space we have left for the physical and mental health of present and future generations.

Mark Dickson, Bellfield Lane, Portobello

Plans to make park life better

I WRITE with regard to both your article of April 11 and Donna Shaw’s letter published on 16 April about concerns over plans to change the way Pentlands Hills Regional Park is run.

As both the article and letter raise concerns that the park is to “lose its dedicated ranger service” we thought it important to stress the position.

One of the key changes is the intention to open staff offices at Harlaw and Flotterstone where there are already visitor facilities.

This will bring the rangers more directly in contact with park users at key entrances to the hills than has been the case previously.

Ms Shaw goes on to state “. . . the main problem occurred when Midlothian Council reduced the amount of funding it was giving to the Regional Park.”

While we have adjusted the funding, that was two years ago. Our contribution this year is actually an increase on our 2011 funding to take account of inflation.

Ricky Moffat, head of commercial operations, Midlothian Council

Crowning glory for city this year

THIS particular year is shaping up to be one of Edinburgh’s most historic and regal.

First up there is the king of all derbies then not one but two queens will visit the city as part of their world tours.

Since Queen Elizabeth will be in town as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and since Madonna, the “queen of pop”, will be playing Murrayfield, it’s time to, as they say in showbusiness, “roll up for the greatest show on earth”.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh