Letters: It’s our right to choose dignity and time to die

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I DON’T understand why doctors should be against euthanasia. I wish my late husband had been given the choice of how to die and to die with dignity.

He had a brain tumour and coped very well. I cared for him until he was admitted to the Marie Curie hospice in Edinburgh.

I really thought my husband would be getting good care, as that’s their motto - high quality nursing. Well certainly not in my husband’s case.

I wrote letters of complaint about how my husband was treated and this was investigated. I also got Healthcare Improvement Scotland incolved and they found at least five issue that should not have happened.

The worst was my husband being put on that horrendous Liverpool Care Pathway without telling me and fully explaining what was happening with his condition.

I have never seen anyone die like that. It was terrible being deprived of fluids. I took my husband in some ice lollies. He was so thirsty he nearly ate the stick.

Who do these doctors think they are that gives them the right to end people’s lives like that, God?

Marie Curie have apologised to me and said that lessons have been learned, but sorry isn’t good enough. It should never have happened.

Euthanasia would be a blessing compared to the Liverpool Care Pathway - that’s the pathway to hell.

Liz Watson, Dunlaw Wynd, Edinburgh

Robertson’s security fears are on target

I THOUGHT Lord George Robertson gave a fairly accurate picture of what is in store for an independent Scotland over security arrangements.

Security is the principle of having a defence system to protect us from the worst dangers that hang over our heads, and they are in abundance in today’s society.

We are all aware that the struggle for power that is going on in many parts of the world are a source of war.

We cannot afford the complacency of non-proliferation of arms to defend ourselves.

There has never been, nor will be, a true government of the people. There can only be safeguards and the restraint of the use of force by nation states to keep an eye on each other. The UK plays a principal part as a member of Nato.

It would be outlandish and naive to think that Scotland would sacrifice itself as an independent entity without a safety net against agression.

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marischal Road, Edinburgh

No wonder Murdoch is backing independence

IT is no surprise that BSkyB is one of only a few companies in Scotland that back separation.

Rupert Murdoch is one of three of Alex Salmond’s influential backers that also includes Donald Trump and Fred Goodwin.

However, Mr Murdoch will see it as a golden business opportunity to provide access for Scottish viewers to the BBC, at a cost, for an alternative to the Scottish Broadcasting Corporation, in the event of separation.

The term ‘separation’ is used advisedly. Scotland cannot be independent while sharing a common currency with the rest of the UK. The Bank of England will set the interest rates, not Scotland, so pensions will be affected, which will impact on the affordability of welfare payments and mortgages, and set income tax rates.

On September 19 there must be an immediate investigation into the SNP’s use of public funds and Scottish civil servants for political purpose.

The huge cost of independence is a guaranteed fact, but the benefits are unclear and uncertain, which risks making Scotland less competitive, not more.

Heather Murray, Ferry Road, Edinburgh

Yes vote good for Scotland and the UK

I TRULY believe that independence will not only be good for Scotland, it will also be good for the rest of the UK by helping to rebalance an economy that is totally dominated by the City of London.

We haven’t been ‘Better Together’ as there has been a complete failure of the democratic process - the Poll Tax, the disappearance of Scottish industry and public services, taken into illegal wars under the Blair administration, the bedroom tax . . . the list goes on.

We need a new relationship with Westminster because the current one is not working for Scotland.

Scotland is a rich country and we must take control of our future for our children and grandchildre.

I am a Labour voter but I will vote ‘Yes’ to independence, and so will many more.

John Weston, Piersfield Terrace, Edinburgh

Emmerdale storyline is beyond the pale

EMMERDale has gone too far and crossed the line of decency, all shown before the nine o’clock watershed, which is totally ignored these days.

The first week of April started with the most controversial storyline ever - the most odious conversations between two child actors were about HIV, sex and contraception. I could not believe my ears.

This sleazy storyline has gone too far, destroying their innocence and making them streetwise.

This soap, in particular, allows child actors to participate in adult conversation, which in my book is mental abuse.

Shame on their parents who allow them to take part in such controversial storylines.

The Office of Communications should look into this very serious matter.

Mrs Silvie M De Luca, Baberton Park, Juniper Green, Edinburgh