LETTERS: Keir’s Holyrood record is not as busy as it could be

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Colin Keir responded to accusations that he has been a ‘lazy MSP’ by asking his parliamentary colleagues to back him up - hardly an inspiring list, given at least half those people are reportedly facing de-selection battles themselves for the same accusation, or else retiring.

Why didn’t Mr Keir take the opportunity to highlight what he has done for Edinburgh Western?

The Scottish Parliament website states that since he was elected, Colin Keir asked only four questions at First Minister’s Questions – the last time in October 2012.

He has only asked 13 written questions, the last one lodged in January 2014, and secured only three member’s debates.

This is a dire record for someone seeking re-selection and instead of asking his friends for support he should tell us why he thinks there was nothing worth asking the Scottish Government in two and a half years.

Laura Miller, Papermill Wynd, Edinburgh

Stronger action needed over dog attacks

I read the story about the dog attack in Musselburgh and the lack of action taken by police (‘My dog was mauled and no-one acts’, News, July 14).

I was walking my dog on the lead when a woman with two retired greyhounds on leads walked past me and one of the dogs turned and bit my leg.

I had to visit the nurse to get a tetanus shot and the punctures dressed. I also reported it to the police.

They asked me what I would like done. I told them that greyhounds are used to wearing muzzles, so the owner should put a muzzle on them when walking them.

Three months later I called the community police officer and asked what action had been taken and was told that she was asked not to walk her dog anywhere near my house.

If I had had my small grandsons with me it could have been their faces not my leg. The police need to be more proactive against people with dogs that can’t be trusted.

I know the police are very busy these days, but this is happening more often and there is a tragedy just waiting to happen.

Mrs Susan Smart, Penicuik

Tories are right to challenge TV licence

It is absolutely ridiculous the price of the TV licence that ordinary working class people have to pay. The only politicians who seem concerned are the Tories. Is it any wonder the Labour Party are in the position they are? Why have they allowed this to happen these past years? It would be interesting to know what the politicians in the battle for party leadership have to say on this subject.

John Connor, David Henderson Court, Dunfermline, Fife

Britain must not help support euro bailout

Europe’s leaders are demanding that even EU countries not using the euro must contribute to the Greek bailout.

George Osborne defiantly told EU finance ministers that “the Eurozone needs to foot its own bill”.

Britain is not in the euro, so the idea that British taxpayers should contribute an estimated £850m to the ‘rescue package’ is totally unacceptable.

EU officials said the European Commission would defy all objections and recommend providing the Greeks with finance using money from all states.

This attitude is dictatorial.

If the EU ‘steals’ British money to bail out a currency Britain refused to adopt, then it will give a mighty boost to those who want to leave the EU.

The UK referendum on membership of the EU cannot come quickly enough.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Foxhunting climbdown is the ethical result

I AM pleased the SNP has voted against the Government’s attempts to relax the foxhunting ban and forced them to withdraw the plan. The ban has been in force for ten years and has the support of 80 per cent of the population.

Yet the Government is expected to revisit the issue in the autumn after the proposed introduction of English Votes for English Laws.

How can 20 per cent have such power and influence?

It is nothing to do with wildlife management. The country is not overrun with wild animals, and the sheer cruelty of chasing animals with horses and dogs to their deaths has largely been stopped.

The hunting and killing organisations are hoping to restart this disgusting, cruel activity. It must not happen. When the time comes, urge your MP to vote against it.

Mr A Delahoy, Silverknowes Gardens, Edinburgh

Austerity measures are harming Scottish poor

THE UK Government’s austerity agenda and benefit cuts are having a very damaging effect on the people of Scotland.

Their approach is slashing the incomes of some of our poorest households and pushing thousands of children into poverty.

The Tories have already committed to bring down the household cap from £26,000 to £23,000, but brace yourselves for more cuts.

With cuts in the Scottish budget of £177m, the Tories have shown their true colours. And to think Labour voted with the Tories for £30 billion in welfare cuts. They betrayed the working class and are finished in Scotland.

Come next May in the Scottish elections, Labour and Tories will be put out to pasture, where the belong.

Jim Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh