Letters: Landmark site deserves better

Craighouse campus. Picture: Alex Hewitt
Craighouse campus. Picture: Alex Hewitt
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Adam Morris laments the state of Craighouse and calls for heads to be knocked together to get out of the current planning impasse (News, July 30).

He is right. However, a lot depends on how best to get out of the impasse. In contrast to Adam I see little that is “radical” or “new” about the Craighouse Partnership plans for the site. Instead what I see are reasonably sympathetic plans to renovate the existing A-listed buildings utterly compromised by the scale and design of new building proposed. Is that the basis for moving forward? I doubt it.

In little over a month the planning committee will have to decide if version three of the Craighouse Partnership’s plans are really the very best that can be achieved on such a landmark site; indeed, that they are the only possible option. Given that alternative community-based plans are already evolving, I don’t see how the developer’s vision can be considered the way forward.

Gavin Corbett, Green Councillor for Fountainbridge and Craiglockhart

Not voting at all would be worst referendum mistake

“The time has come the walrus said”, and so it’s the case for the people of Scotland to give serious consideration to the future of their country.

On September 18 some will vote Yes, believing Scotland has the resources and willpower to be as successful as Norway and Finland, but some will vote No, believing Scotland would fare better being ruled by Westminster.

The worst case scenario will be those who procrastinate, those who are unable to make up their mind, and those who fail to record their vote.

As a foreign ambassador was overheard to say, “Men and women have died for independence, yet here is a chance for Scotland to ‘arise and be a nation again’ without a shot being fired in anger.” Yet despite that, it is expected that 12 per cent of the electorate may abstain through sheer indifference.

The choice can be clarified however; if Scotland votes No, it should not only be prepared to be ruled by Westminster, be it with greater devolved powers, but should also be prepared to be ruled by Ed Millband and the remnants of the Brown/ Blair dynasty. Why? The answer is simple – at the general election, UKIP will rob the Tories of the votes needed to stay in power, and Labour will win by default.

Make your choice in September, but for the sake of Scotland, don’t abstain.

Dr Don Campbell-Thomson, Glencairn Court, Kilmacolm, Inverclyde

Council’s slow action is rubbish service

People would not believe how difficult it is to get the council of Edinburgh to clear rubbish problems in tenements.

If a competition was staged between Council Repairs, Council Emergency Repairs and the Environmental Department for being first to come to tenement blocks and clear bunged-up rubbish chutes, it would be difficult to pick a winner because “refuse” seems to be their only answer to waste matter. The “Comic Health Games” could be a disposed name for the competition.

I phoned Council Repairs at 11.28am on Wednesday, July 16 about the chute in our tenement and was advised it would be cleared within four hours. It was not cleared at all that day – or the next day – so I phoned them again at 12 noon on 
Friday July 18 and was told by a council employee, David, that it would be cleared before 5.00pm. He gave me the job no: 2454 231/1. However, again, they were found wanting in honouring their assurances.

Since I was advised several months ago by a council employee that such problems were regarded as health and fire safety issues and should be reported at any time, even on a Sunday, I phoned the Council Repairs “emergency” number at 10.52am on Saturday, July 19, explaining the problem. The assistant, Anna, assured me it would be cleared within four hours and gave me a different job no: 2455 218/1.

It is now almost two weeks since I first reported it, but it has still not been cleared.

What is more, do the council employees who empty the communal bin at the back of the stairwell twice a week not question themselves why the only contents in the bin the last several times they have come to empty it has been dust? They must have known the chute had to be blocked.

On reflection, if Ted Rogers had these departments represented on his 3-2-1 show, he could have awarded them all a Dusty Bin.

William Burns, Pennywell Road, Edinburgh

It’s time to enforce parking restrictions

Does anyone in the council travel by bus?

The city centre is almost gridlocked by illegally parked cars, lorries, taxis and roadworks everywhere.

Examples: east end of Princes Street at the Balmoral; Frederick Street and Lothian Road have cars consistently parked in loading-only areas whilst deliveries are made on the pavements, double red, double yellow lines and bus lanes; George Street is full of traffic cones with restricted parking.

Princes Street and Leith Walk have had new pavements laid and extended and now they are used for parking.

Either take away all parking restrictions or they should be enforced.

John Banks, Edinburgh