Letters: Last chance to help stop Broomhills development

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Today is the deadline for representation forms to be submitted on the second proposed plan for the Broomhills Estate and I am astounded at the lack of information supplied by the council and our government.

Many of our neighbours have failed to receive information highlighting where to find the plans and deadlines. Nothing since May has been advertised in the local streets.

While I am all for the use of brownfield sites, I draw a line at the consumption of Edinburgh’s fine green belt land. The subsequent sale of such areas of outstanding beauty that are rich in history and nature beggars belief. The Government should be standing against this in an era of recycling, upcycling and regeneration.

I know there is a need for affordable housing, it is why we moved here, but the current growth rate of Edinburgh’s south cannot be supported by the schools, medical centres, roads and public transport that are already stretched to the limit.

In the Burdiehouse area alone houses on the Limekilns, Gilmerton, and smaller developments are putting pressure on already gridlocked roads adding to pollution. They, combined with developments further afield such as the Inch and outwith Edinburgh city (Loanhead and Penicuik) have not it seems been considered.

It’s our children who will suffer with overcrowded schools and overstretched facilities. The carrot of a new primary school currently being dangled at Broomfields is just that, the land has been set aside by the developers but it will be up to the government to find the money.

Our environment is not being considered. No-one bothered taking charge of antisocial behaviour in the area and investing in places for children to develop, play and learn social skills. Police were slow to act, graffiti never removed and vandalism ignored.

It should be embraced not torn up and turned into characterless developments to line the pockets of developers.

The one inspiring development is that the local community has come together to try to fight for Edinburgh’s green and pleasant land.

For further information you can access the plans on www.edinburgh.gov.uk/localdevelopmentplan. Representation forms can be submitted (by October 3) electronically to localdevelopmentplan@edinburgh.gov.uk

Claire Anderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

Todd helps educate us about stammering

I am part of an e-list for people who stammer and would like to respond to your article ‘Therapy encourages stutterer to help others’ (News, September 9).

Please know that the article was read by and commentated on by stammerers from all over the globe. Your article did an excellent job on educating your readers about The McGuire Programme, but did not address other sources of information about stammering.

It is great that Alex Todd has found fluency through the McGuire Programme, but other websites of non-profit charity groups that help people who stutter include The British Stammering Association (www.stammering.org), which is excellent on he resources available in the UK.

The website of the US-based Stuttering Foundation (www.stammeringhelp.org) provides numerous free resources such as downloadable material and streaming videos, which have helped people all over the world.

The Stuttering Foundation also has a global outreach to over 130 nations annually, mostly underdeveloped countries.

Many people who stammer have found success with The McGuire Programme, but there are also many other good sources of information on stammering besides an information session on The McGuire Programme.

Laura Palmer, Houston, Texas

Devo max gives us chance to look again

Alex Salmond claimed that the independence vote was a once in a generation, perhaps a lifetime opportunity. Quite wrong. Having voted No, we will now get much more devolution and can decide whether it is enough and decide on independence if it isn’t. One step at a time – look before you leap.

Delia Hyder, Edinburgh (address supplied)

Still helping heroes of the Battle of Britain

Each year we remember the young men who bravely flew over the burning East End of London and towards danger in the harrowing summer months of 1940, repelling Hitler’s Luftwaffe and saving Britain from invasion. And we remember the aircrew and the ground crew who supported them.

Next year will mark the 75th anniversary of what later became known as the Battle of Britain. In the intervening years, so many young men and women have followed in their footsteps, joining the RAF and WRAF during the Second World War, the years of National Service afterwards and right up to today.

Serving alongside these veterans through those years has been the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the RAF’s leading welfare charity. Since 1919 we have been dedicated to serving the entire RAF family, from veterans to the children of serving personnel. We’re here for any member of the RAF family in their time of need, whether it be financial, physical or emotional.

We encourage RAF veterans to contact us for help with anything from heating costs and home repairs to care home fees or mobility assistance.

Or perhaps your parent or neighbour is an RAF veteran who could use a hand; tell them about us or make that first call for them. Visit www.rafbf.org or call 0800-198 2400.

Air Commodore Paul Hughesdon, RAF Benevolent Fund, Portland Place, London