Letters: Lesley’s stats don’t stack up on city bin complaints

Waste of Time: Complaints to the council bring no response. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
Waste of Time: Complaints to the council bring no response. Pic: Lisa Ferguson
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Cllr Lesley Macinnes’ letter (‘Waste collection service shows big improvement’, November 29) conflates a complaints received statistic of 0.6% of 376,400 domestic households and claims that that is a measure of the bins not collected.

That would imply that the owner of every bin not collected on any day during that period bothered to make a futile call to the council with a complaint(s). I don’t think so.

For instance, in recent weeks our bins were on the kerb for three days; that would require each and every one of those household to phone three times!

The good people of Edinburgh in the main are resolved over sustained periods to accept a totally inadequate service level on all council services, they know that complaining has little or no effect on a council who totally ignore their interests, choosing instead to follow slavishly SNP policy.

I was further confused by the claim about “implementing changes in both garden waste and kerbside collection rotas at the same time.”

My understanding of the former is that the implementation of a charge for collecting garden waste was fully costed and requires an uptake which in reality was not met, resulting in a loss overall.

It is truly remarkable that given the intervening period of a few months savings of £1.3m and £0.5m are now achievable by ‘introducing both together’, as she claims.

I have three questions, for the good councillor: is the garden waste now being mixed with the kerbside waste as her words imply? Which of the many idiots in the council did the original costings? And what are the real numbers of bins not collected on the day?

John Carson, Kirkliston Road, South Queensferry