Letters: Moves to tear up our green space must get the red light

Portobello High School has divided the town
Portobello High School has divided the town
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WHEN is the city council going to become accountable for its actions, which have split a previously well-knit community?

First of all, Portobello High School was built on green space 50 years ago. It has never been maintained properly and has been allowed to fall into the state of disrepair it is in today. There are plenty of schools well over 100 years old which are still going strong.

Then the council decided it was going to build an iconic school in the park and build houses on the golf course. There was huge opposition to this. When this idea was first mooted it was four to one against building in the park.

We are supposed to live in a democratic country, but this council went ahead and ignored any concerns. There was no consultation. The council promised this school to the parents without even taking on board that it might not be legal to build on common good land. The council was invited to go to court, but ignored this request.

I am afraid the council thinks it is a law unto itself. This could all have been sorted out in 2006 and the school could be up and running. The site of the present school is actually larger than Musselburgh Grammar school. One school has put its playing fields on the roof. There are solutions to be found.

This council has let the parents down badly and it has let the people of Portobello down too, because they don’t want to lose any more green space. This and other councils have built on a considerable amount of green space in the past.

We continue to be proud of our lovely city and wish to save our remaining valuable green space for future generations.

Sheila Fletcher, The Causeway, Duddingston Village, Edinburgh

Bar right to show pooch the door

I NOTICED the letter from Thomas Dunn of Stirling (September 20) who was dismayed at his dog being refused entry at Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar.

I am also a dog owner, but believe the barman was absolutely correct in asking Mr Dunn and his dog to leave. Who wants a smelly dog next to you when you’re having a meal and/or a drink? If you have your dog in your own dining room, fine, that’s your choice. Don’t take that choice away from others.

Some dogs eat their own dirt and Bobby’s Bar is a different animal to what it was 150 years ago.

Graeme E Pearson (Saturday night singer at Bobby’s Bar)

EU question may prove irrelevant

It is interesting to note the acres of newsprint devoted to whether an independent Scotland would automatically be a member of the EU or not.

UKIP will, it is predicted, gain the largest number of UK MEPs in the European elections in 2014. A terrified Conservative Party will do a deal on holding a referendum on continued EU membership, on the agreement that UKIP stands aside.

Given that there is a strong chance of the UK as a whole voting to leave the EU, the issue of whether an independent Scotland would automatically be a member or not may prove rather an irrelevance.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh