Letters: New escalators at Waverley never all working at once

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As a semi-regular train traveller (two or three times a month) I have been using Waverley station throughout its refurbishment and looking with interest at the progress each time I’m there. When the new escalators opened earlier this year I was very excited because I find the Waverley steps quite a challenge these days and have taken to using the sloping entrance roads into the station.

However, apart from the first time I used them, I have never seen all six escalators working at the same time. There is always at least one, often three or more, which are out of action. It is such a disappointment, especially when it’s the final “up” escalator – the longest and steepest of the three.

Surely these must be state-of-the-art escalators made for heavy and prolonged use. Or have they been bought on the cheap? It is embarrassing when they break down, they let the side down. Edinburgh would be better off with the old steps back again, even if it was a bit of a steep climb, at least they were always in working order. Come on Waverley, get your act together!

Veronica Noble, Morningside, Edinburgh

New PFANS leaflet is misleading

I have received a copy of the latest PFANS (Portobello for a New School) leaflet. The leaflet has been authorised by the school councils for the schools where it was distributed. Some of the leaflets were distributed by primary school children. I find this very concerning as the leaflet is both misleading and factually incorrect.

The leaflet states that the decision by the Court of Session is a “legal loophole”, when in fact it is a unanimous decision by three judges of the Inner House at the Court of Session, a substantive judgement that local authorities cannot appropriate inalienable common good land.

The leaflet goes on to state that a “handful of householders” are stopping the building of a school on Portobello Park when in fact it is the law that does not permit any building on this inalienable common good land. It then states that these “householders” are standing in the way of the wishes of the whole community. The “whole community” does not support building on common good land, as evidenced by the fact that 300 people objected to the planning application.

I understand that not everyone agrees with the court’s decision but it is shocking that such stark misinformation has been allowed to be circulated.

Diana Cairns, West Brighton Crescent, Edinburgh

SNP spin doctors just doing their job

David Fiddimore (Trump revelation, Letters, October 10) must be very naive if he doesn’t realise that spin doctors of all parties and governments try to seek endorsements from non politicians to back policy decisions. That’s part of their job.

While Donald Trump would not have been my first choice to endorse government decisions, this incident should be viewed in the context of the massive backlash against the Scottish government’s decision to release Megrahi by the might of the US authorities, a duplicitous British government and hostile tabloid newspapers.

Fraser Grant Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh

Try living with yobs before judging

I am writing in response to the letter published on Tuesday, October 9 from Anna Hutchison entitled “Building barriers between communities is not answer”.

Firstly I notice that Ms Hutchison’s address is Crewe Road West, which is not in the Muirhouse or Silverknowes area, so I am sure that she has not witnessed the ongoing issues within Silverknowes.

During the last 18 months there have been issues with youths cutting through the new estate in Silverknowes Eastway and making their way through the rest of Silverknowes going up to Davidson’s Mains. On route they have caused thousands of pounds of damage to properties and cars. Also there is the issue of intimidation. On occasion there has been alcohol involved by these underage youths.

The police have been fantastic in supporting the residents, but this has not put a stop to it.

I do not agree with Ms Hutchison as she calls the residents “elitists”. We only want a safe environment for our children to grow up in and to ensure that our possessions are safe. I am sure if Ms Hutchison was having to live in this situation she would like the access routes to be closed off as we do.

Silverknowes resident, name and address supplied