LETTERS: Non-Independence Day is worth celebrating

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Alex Salmond had planned that “Independence Day” would be ten days hence, March 24. 
 Had the independence campaign succeeded, Scots would now be facing huge tax increases on their incomes, on petrol and whisky.

Nicola Sturgeon blames the fall in the oil price and, yet again, on the actions of the UK government, this time for not saving the money received from oil over the last 30 years.

She does not mention that she had intended to spend the money received from oil, not save it, nor that she had misled voters in the run-up to the 

It is clear that Scots will be better off financially staying part of the UK. It was foolish in the extreme for the SNP to base the case for independence on the price of oil, which has always been subject to price rises and falls, while the one certainty is that the reserves will one day definitely run out.

Lucy Grig, Roseneath Street, Edinburgh

Misery in the wake 
of wind farm work

THE area where I live is not designated a preferred area for wind farms, but despite this, we are now surrounded by them and the area has fast become an industrial wasteland.

Convoys of huge trucks travel on our country roads which are not suited to heavy traffic. The wind farm companies never repair the roads, the edges are degraded and there are potholes all over.

They even altered the T junction on to the main A70, which is now half the width and is a mess.

During the cold weather, the entrance to Muirhall wind farm is a sheet of ice and no amount of complaints to the council makes any difference.

The wind farm company is allowed to do as it likes and has not yet been forced to undertake repairs.

Surrounding views are totally spoiled, the wildlife is being 

We moved out here over 37 years ago for the peace and quiet – now a thing of the past.

The bing near here is being taken down and the shale sold to yet another local wind farm – more heavy traffic, which will go on for months.

The only winners here are the wind farm companies who are making millions from government subsidies. The losers are the residents and the wildlife.

One wonders how planning permission has ever been passed. It’s a 

Mrs Hazel Fraser, Tarbrax, West Calder

Edinburgh Airport trip left me unimpressed

I RECENTLY visited Edinburgh 
Airport and was shocked by the whole experience.

Eventually parking in the badly signposted outdoor car park, I walked in the pouring rain towards the main terminal and couldn’t believe how hideous the place looked. The building reminded me of the old communist- era blocks.

The ground floor interior was just as bad, with no shops of any quality or interest and a bland-looking cafe.

Upstairs was even worse, with the departure/passport/security stuck in a corner behind a pub and cafe.

The cafe prices were ridiculous for average fare, so I just left, and after visiting the dreadful toilets returned to my car, where I had to pay a rip-off £5.30 for just over half an hour’s parking.

If this is the standard of entry/exit to and from Edinburgh I can only say it’s an utter embarrassment to Scotland.

It is very apparent the airport authorities are only interested in ripping off a captive clientele.

I would not recommend this airport to anyone.

Mr W Parker, Brightons, Falkirk

Weekend hospital visits best avoided

The Scottish Government says there is no evidence that people are more likely to die in hospital at the weekend. In fact, experts seem able to argue those statistics either way. The more telling reality does not require statistics, but just talking to patients and their families spending any significant time in hospital.

In all Scottish hospitals there is a complete change of pace and routine at the weekend. Those involved from the patients side soon realise that their main task is to try to keep spirits up as any sign of progress grinds to a halt with the start of the weekend, and Saturday and Sunday are just about treading water, waiting for the normal team and routines to restart on Monday.

Then typically, various specialists and full-time staff reappear and necessary treatments and tests can once more get under way.

This is what is being faced by thousands of people in our hospitals every weekend. No amount of playing with statistics will change that.

Keith Howell, West Linton, Peeblesshire

New health centres 
are vote of confidence

THE SNP Government has approved three new health centres in Firrhill, Blackburn and Muirhouse.

Finance Minister John Swinney said the £25 million investment will make a big difference to the care provided to the local communities.

A Scottish Government working for Scotland.

James Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh

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