Letters: Not bowled over by city leisure chief’s boasts

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IN an “I love EH” feature, John Comiskey, the chief executive of Edinburgh Leisure, stated about Edinburgh: “There is so much on your doorstep to enjoy” (News, May 15).

Try telling that to the hundreds of bowlers who used the facilities at Portobello indoor bowling centre, which Edinburgh Leisure plans to close down.

This will deprive a lot of people, including visually impaired bowlers and some bowlers with physical handicaps of enjoyable exercise, which for the elderly is and excellent way of keeping fit and healthy.

Food for thought, Mr Comiskey?

George Alexander, Dudley Grove, Edinburgh

Mob’s treatment of leader was hypocrisy

I WONDER if I am in the minority in thinking that rather than being a great laugh, the treatment dished out to UKIP leader Nigel Farage on his visit to Edinburgh on Thursday was an embarrassment to the city.

The Capital has built up a reputation as one of the most attractive places visitors to our country can go, with a warm welcome part of the appeal.

Yet the man was branded “scum” by a menacing crowd simply because he has different political views from them.

Opponents of UKIP say it is a bigoted and fascist party, and yet how did they respond to Mr Farage’s visit?

By ganging together to intimidate and bully him, telling him his kind wasn’t welcome in these parts.

Did the irony escape their dull minds completely?

Tom Edwards, Willowbrae Road, Edinburgh

UKIP’s rise is good news for the workers

The rise of UKIP is good news for Scotland’s increasingly part-time, low-paid, insecure labour force which has bourne the brunt of immigration.

It was immoral for Labour, SNP and the Tories to have welcomed mass immigration into Scotland with the main aim of driving down wages and conditions of employment.

If Scotland, either independent or as part of Britain, withdrew from the EU, immigration could be controlled and this would lead to a rise in wages and improved contracts of employment for Scots and immigrants living in this country.

A ‘sine qua non’ for a fairer, more socially cohesive Scotland would be stopping mass immigration from Europe and the rest of the world.

Jim Stewart, Oxgangs Avenue, Edinburgh

Westminster rule and more welfare cuts

Chas Dennis (Letters, May 16) fails to understand the difference between devolution and independence.

Devolution is like being at school with some pocket money and perhaps allowed to do a paper round to earn a little more cash, but when you grow up you want to be independent and make all the decisions for yourself.

Why stick to London rule with more welfare cuts and a UK which is the fourth most unequal country in the developed world thanks to the social and economic policies of successive UK governments?

A change of government will not change this as both Tory and Labour are desperate to court middle England UKIP voters by moving further to the right.

It is no coincidence that the Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers report for 2012 ranks the top six countries to be a mother are in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands and Denmark as they are all small social democratic nations, just like Scotland could be if we go for independence.

Mary Thomas, Watson Crescent, Edinburgh

Weather experts can be trusted for hot air

ACCORDING to the weather experts, the reason for the rubbish weather we are getting is that the melting of the Arctic ice caps has produced extra salt air, which is playing havoc with the jet stream, and pushing it off its natural course.

This allows for constant low pressure to dominate Britain.

So, nothing to do with the fact that our weather occurs in natural cycles, and that for decades and centuries our weather in Britain has never been reliable and never will be.

And these people have the audacity to wonder why we dismiss every word they say.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar

Pavements are even worse for wheelchair

At long last, a pedestrian complaining about the state of the city streets (News, May 16). Try pushing someone in a wheelchair and attempting to negotiate the pavements!

I’m surprised the council hasn’t had a bill to fix a wheelchair yet so it’s not only pedestrians affected. I suppose it’s too easy to suggest that if the pavements and streets were maintained on a regular basis rather than piecemeal there would be no complaints.

Ah well, we’re all allowed to dream; that doesn’t cost anything!

Linda Millar, Cameron Toll Gardens, Edinburgh

Well done to Scottish SPCA for kitten rescue

PRAISE to the Scottish SPCA officers who rescued six newborn kittens in two separate incidents (News, May 15).

I truly hope that the kittens discovered under decking in a Livingston garden are all rehomed with kind, loving owners if no-one comes forward.

Well done to the Scottish SPCA for saving their lives, which is grand news indeed.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh