LETTERS: One Scottish TV channel is quite enough, thanks

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So Fraser Grant says that an all party review in 2008 called for a dedicated BBC Scotland TV Channel (Letters, September 1).

Must be coming round for another referendum if this is being dragged out seven years after said review. And you thought Police Scotland were slow to react!

Surely BBC Alba is all about Scotland. Is that not enough?

We have had to put up with some dross from BBC Scotland over the years – Hogmanay programme anyone?

I am sure that the BBC could do more to cover things happening in Scotland at reasonable cost.

Why no proper coverage of the Edinburgh Festival – had to rely on The One Show? No fireworks on Monday night? Probably couldn’t get a crew to come over from Glasgow.

Scotland has more Polish-speaking residents than Gaelic speakers. Will a BBC Polski be next on the agenda?

Alun Thomas, Sinclair Close, Edinburgh

NHS Scotland really does put patient first

I arrived in Edinburgh last Friday to attend the Scotland versus Italy match next day. Saturday morning I realised I had left important medication at home.

I went to the Western General Hospital where the staff were very helpful and through NHS 24 arranged for me to see a doctor at the Royal Victoria at 10.45 that morning.

I left with the required prescription and returned to the city, only to find that the prescription was no longer in my pocket.

On arriving at the guest house the owner informed me that the Royal Victoria had been in contact. A passerby had found the prescription and returned it to the hospital. They faxed the prescription to the nearest pharmacy to me and I collected it some time later.

My thanks go to all the people who were involved and congratulate the NHS (Scotland) for a remarkable service which definitely puts the patient first.

Jim Kewin, SRU supporter, Castletown, Isle of Man

SNP needs to make its mind up over flights

Fiona Hyslop MSP has written to her constituents asking for their views on the noise caused by aircraft using a new trial flight path designed to enable an increase in aircraft flights. A decision will be taken in December.

Ms Hyslop says that she has had some complaints. I live in this area and have no complaints. There is more noise from the railway.

It is ironic that her government, the SNP, want the authority to reduce then cancel air duty tax in order to attract more flights into and out of Scotland and thus boost the economy.

Ms Hyslop wants to appease some of her constituents while her party wants to benefit the majority by boosting the economy. Make up your mind time.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

There’s only one song needed at Murrayfield

I was fortunate enough to experience a memorable afternoon at Murrayfield on Saturday. Had the stadium had a roof, the rendering of Flower O’ Scotland would have lifted it sky high.

I fail to understand how anyone would wish to replace it with a dirge such as Scots Wha Hae or any other tuneless song. As the old saying goes ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!

Eleanor Miller, Bank Road, East Linton

Football season plays havoc with Gyle Park

The football season is here again and with it comes the usual amount of carelessly discarded litter, overuse of the ‘F’ word shouted at maximum level and worst of all, openly urinating at the edge of the park in full view of any unsuspecting walker.

Is it possible to convey to the players, linesmen etc that this behaviour is not acceptable? The sports pavilion has toilets, a rubbish bin and it’s no further to walk to the toilet there than it is to use the park for this purpose.

Gyle Park is well-maintained and well-used by all age groups. Most dog walkers pick up and respect this area, which is a really pleasant park.

Could we have the same respect from the football fraternity please?

Hazel A Lightbody, Friend of The Gyle Park

May’s job message still to reach Spanish OAPs

I noted with interest the call by Home Secretary Theresa May that EU free movement should mean the “freedom to move to a job”.

I wonder if the tens of thousands of British pensioners spending or looking to spend their retirement in Spain have been informed?

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh

Are we really better together over Faslane?

I would like to ask all the gullible people who were fooled by Westminster prior to the independence referendum, do you still believe them?

They now want to spend £500 million to update Faslane even before the vote on whether to renew Trident has been taken, while cutting benefits to the sick and forcing people to use food banks to feed their families.

They told you that the North Sea was running out of oil. Now the UK Government has announced a large oil/gas field (Culzean) is to be developed and will supply gas and oil for at least the next decade. How daft do you feel now?

Better together? Aye, right!

Colin Mackintosh, Prestonfield, Edinburgh