Letters: Revamping fast food shop would take away character

Change: Shop owner wants to alter its appearance. Picture: Neil Hanna
Change: Shop owner wants to alter its appearance. Picture: Neil Hanna
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IN THE week when a government report suggests that one of the reasons for a slump in high street trading is the blandness and sameness of our high street shops, what does the Scottish Government do?

It overturns a perfectly reasonable rejection by councillors of the plan to alter a lovely 1930s shop façade on George IV Bridge (News, December 21).

There are so few of these little gems left. Most European cities would treasure them. If the current proprietor thought that the shop was not fit for purpose as a kebab takeaway then he should not have taken it on.

No doubt the shop will change hands or become something else in a few months, but we, the citizens, will have lost another bit of local character and George IV Bridge will look all the worse for it.

James King, East Broughton Place, Edinburgh

City roads drive motorists crazy

YOUR story about lack of funds to repair potholes (News, December 20) shows how badly this city has been run. Those in charge of looking after the roads are merely one example.

In the years when there was plenty of money to spare, it would have been sensible to invest it in ways to improve transport in the city, whether that be public transport or improving the road system.

Instead, public funds were squandered on measures no-one asked for, such as road narrowing or speed bumps. Some of these have been placed on roads that are not “rat runs” and are in some cases so narrow or twisting it is impossible to drive at much more than walking pace.

I had suspension repairs a couple of years ago, and when I told the mechanic I only ever drive in the city and not on rougher country roads, he merely gave a wry smile and said “speed bumps”.

So, as I continue driving along our rutted, potholed roads dreading the moment I hear a clunk from the underside of the car, should I ask the council for a refund?

Or what about a little baby tram I can use on the system from never-neverland?

Drivers in Edinburgh just can’t win.

John Boreland, Bruntsfield Road, Edinburgh

Gardens silos are giant eyesores

ONCE again it appears that Edinburgh City Council has brought a new ugliness to Princes Street Gardens. In their wisdom they have erected several silo bins for rubbish disposal.

Their size alone defies description. They are a total eyesore. Whoever thought of them has no aesthetic sense.

ME Birnie, Learmonth Terrace, Edinburgh

MSP should stand up for party view

YOUR report informed readers that Malcolm Chisholm was not offered a job in Scottish Labour’s new shadow cabinet, but would not have taken one anyway (News, December 21).

What does that say about a man who stood for election for his party in this constituency?

If he doesn’t care to represent his party, perhaps it is time for a by-election.

Pam Tandas, Easter Road, Edinburgh