Letters: Rugby revamp won’t kick Stockbridge into touch

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HAVING James Simpson admit to breaking the law by illegally flyposting (Letters, June 11), and then to read Alan Murphy’s attack on Councillor Iain Whyte (Letters, June 12), readers of the Evening News may be wondering exactly what kind of development Edinburgh Accies are proposing for the historic “cradle of rugby football in Scotland” at Raeburn Place.

Far from anything controversial, Edinburgh Accies have put forward a scheme to protect and keep sport in Stockbridge and provide long-term protection for the pitch on which the world’s first rugby international was played. The shops/commercial units being developed – yes there are some – are simply there as a means of helping upgrade facilities that everyone agrees are wholly inadequate. The proposals will help preserve a part of Stockbridge’s heritage that was there well before most of the adjacent housing was built.

I do hope that the debate on the proposals will return to a discussion of the facts and to planning policies which are wholly supportive of keeping sports facilities in the midst of our communities, rather than driving them out to the suburbs.

As for the “doom and gloom”, exactly the same predictions of devastation happened when Sainsbury’s opened. Three years on and nothing much has changed – Stockbridge still has one of the lowest vacancy rates of any High Street in the land and wonderful new ventures such as those opened by Tom Kitchin struggle to get into the area.

Perhaps it is because those opposed to the Accies’ proposals have based their views on their own prejudices rather than planning policies that they feel they have to resort to breaking the law and launching personal attacks on politicians. Surely a healthy and constructive democratic debate on whether to keep sport in Stockbridge would be a better option for everyone?

Jason Parrott, Comely Bank Place, Edinburgh

Why Yes camp gets my vote

Contrary to what Chas Dennis claims (Letters, June 12), it is the Tory-led No campaign’s daily dose of doom and gloom, most recently over pensions and passports, that do not stand up to any serious scrutiny.

Despite more than paying our way over the last 30 years, Scotland has suffered under Westminster’s control of our economy.

With our resources we should be like other small independent countries such as Norway, Denmark and Finland who are all doing so much better than the UK, where London and the South East remain the priority of successive UK governments. His comment about a Yes vote “creating a cabalistic political instability” and destroying democratic solidarity is no way to describe the Labour party in Scotland, which could win the first elections in an independent Scotland.

Like Iain Banks, I lost faith in the Union after being dragged into illegal wars and Westminster’s spending of billions on Trident nuclear weapons while the gap between the richest and poorest grows ever wider.

I would rather support an inclusive progressive democratic Yes campaign than be part of the Tory-funded No campaign supported by UKIP, the BNP and other extreme right-wing organisations.

Fraser Grant, Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh

Bear necessities are thriving despite scare

Al Gore started the myth of Climate Change with his disaster movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Politicians fell for it hook, line and sinker and vowed that they would save the planet.

This film has been discredited.

The myth that polar bears were endangered and that these animals would be driven to extinction by melting ice caps has proved unfounded.

In eastern Canada a new peer-reviewed paper concludes that polar bear numbers in the Davis Strait have now increased to a level which not only shows a thriving community but is at capacity level.

Why are the press not printing this information?

Could it be because the greens, scientists and the politicians want this suppressed since their foolishness and scientific illiteracy or subterfuge will be exposed?

The wind turbine industry does not want this exposed because it profits from eye-watering subsidies that energy consumers fund.

Taxpayer-funded scientists and politicians have a vested financial interest in perpetuating the myth of global warming.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Bus service is shoddy out in West Lothian

As a resident of West Lothian I am envious of the service delivered by Lothian Buses to Edinburgh and after reading about the success of the recent venture to Pencaitland and Ormiston (News, June 12), it made me even more so.

How I wish we in West Lothian had the same quality. We are saddled with an overpriced shoddy service delivered by First Bus which is frequently late or just doesn’t turn up when they do appear the fares are grossly overpriced.

I would like Lothian Buses to challenge First and instigate a service to areas in West Lothian.

Eddie Maley, Kirknewton

French didn’t premier tram power mode

It seems your correspondent Steuart Campbell (Letters, June 11) does not know much about UK trams.

London trams had their current pickups in the middle of the tracks underground. The only place which had overhead cables was Downham. The centre pickup was pulled from under the tram into a special bay for re-installing on the return.

So, learn your history before you say the French are first. They were, as usual, second!

V Breac, Beechfield Road, Elgin