LETTERS: Ruth’s Tory election pledge sounds familiar

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Another Conservative party conference and yet again Ruth Davidson goes through the charade of 
 predicting a “best ever result” for the Tories in the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections.

This would mean more than the 18 MSPs they secured at the first devolved elections in 1999 and is the same pledge made in advance of every previous Westminster and Holyrood election since 2003.

Earlier this year we were told by senior Tory figures that the general election would see three Tory MPs returned north of the Border.

The one seat held prior to the election was retained by less than 800 votes and the vote share slumped to 14.9 per cent, a drop of just under two per cent on the 2010 election.

To put this into perspective, it is the worst result ever for the Tories in a general election in Scotland, symptomatic of continued Tory decline north of the Border.

Indeed, the Tories last week lost one of their few councillors in a by-election in Aberdeen, which saw the SNP 

The Tories have made little headway in Scotland as their brand is still a toxic one, pure and simple, a point recognised by Murdo Fraser who, in standing against Ms Davidson for the leadership in 2011, acknowledged this and called for the party to be disbanded and started again.

For Ms Davidson, failure to improve on the 2011 election result will provide further evidence of the continued decline of the Scottish Tories, a party which in its current form is on life support and is self-evidently failing to engage the Scottish electorate.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh

Hannan is spot on over Corbyn’s prospects

I never thought I would ever agree with the News’ regular political columnist Martin Hannan on any subject but, incredibly, it has happened.

After reading his latest column (October 6) I find I agree with everything he said about the new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

In the short time Corbyn has been in charge he has shown no grasp on vital subjects such as the economy and the controversial issue of mass immigration not to mention his crazy stance on the UK’s defence.

He has already shown he will never be Prime Minister in my opinion and if Scottish Labour think that this guy will help them get a foothold back in Scotland they are also engaging in the “fantasy politics” Mr Hannan mentioned.

I became a former Labour voter a few years back after the mess Tony Blair and Gordon Brown made of the UK and nothing Jeremy Corbyn has said or done in the last few weeks will make me change that.

He is hell-bent on taking us back to the 70s with nationalised industries and strong unions. We’ve been there and done that, don’t want to do it again, but thanks anyway.

David Smith, West Windygoul Gardens, Tranent

Trident ban comes down to referendum

Unless Scotland wins independence, the Trident debate will go on and on and the people of Scotland will stick to their entrenched positions, which will see, in the main, No supporters in favour and Yes supporters against.

I do not support Trident and believe the deterrent argument would be negated if Scotland wins independence because an independent Scotland would be less likely to pursue the disastrous international policies of Westminster governments.

Throughout my life Westminster politicians have delighted in spreading propaganda such as Reds under the bed and Communists about to invade to justify particular agendas.

More and more of us are now beginning to challenge this scaremongering and are asking if the deterrent argument is so compelling, why do only nine countries in the world see the necessity to have nuclear weapons when the remaining 187 don’t?

Jack Fraser , Clayknowes Drive, Musselburgh

Osborne’s economic targets being missed

As each month passes and figures are released, it is all too clear that the Chancellor George Osborne’s targets are being repeatedly missed.

The deficit isn’t shrinking and 
the national debt continues to spiral totally out of control. Austerity certainly hurts but it certainly isn’t working.

In common with this, Cameron’s plans (if he really had any) to reduce immigration to controllable levels are clearly in shreds.

In England, employees in education, the police and all aspects of the National Health Service tell us that they and their organisations are on the brink of collapse.

Surely now is the time for the 
government to bite the bullet and implement changes.

We still get over 20 per cent of our energy from burning coal. Stop importing it, and start digging some up. We still have millions of tons of it.

Visit the docks and see what other goods we are importing (there are plenty) and start manufacturing them instead. Use the money intended for Trident.

Joseph G Miller, Gardeners Street, Dunfermline

Alex boldly goes into a political fantasy land

I am not surprised in the slightest that Alex Salmond used the name James T Kirk to try to board a flight.

This proves to me, if such proof indeed was required, that the man is a total fantasist who appears to exist in a constant state of confusion over which planet he inhabits.

Donald Lewis, Gifford, East Lothian