Letters: SFA should opt for cup final showdown at Murrayfield

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A MASSIVE congratulations to both Hearts and Hibs for making it to the Scottish Cup final, the first time both teams will have faced each other in the final since 1896 at Logie Green in Edinburgh.

This result, however, begs the question why we are hosting the final at Hampden? Murrayfield is clearly a better, more convenient option for both sets of fans.

While it has a capacity of 67,000, Hampden can only muster 52,000, and the increased gate receipts would clearly benefit both clubs.

In addition, the prospect of dragging tens of thousands of fans west to Glasgow, with the increased congestion and pollution this will create, makes little sense.

The option of holding the final at Murrayfield should not be dismissed out of hand and is one for the SFA to seriously consider.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh

... but where will victory bus go?

THE exposure Edinburgh will receive in the sporting world, and beyond, from both Capital football teams reaching the Scottish Cup final will be fantastic and truly well deserved.

So, here is the fly in the ointment moment . . . just which route will the victors take? The tram fiasco will put several of the main routes out of action and it’s highly unlikely much will have changed by mid-May.

The eastern or western parts of the city will of course be the main focus, it’s just a shame the centre will miss out.

David Cumming, Edinburgh

Whiff of hypocrisy over SNP’s stance

THE Scottish Government has cut Bus Service Operators Grants (the present euphemism for the former Fuel Tax Rebate) and payments to bus companies for concessionary travel.

This reduction of government payments is given as one of the reasons for the crisis facing bus services in East Lothian and Midlothian.

But I read that Alex Salmond said: “Safeguarding bus routes is a priority for this government.” Am I the only one to detect a whiff of hypocrisy here?

It is worth pointing out that a tax rebate is not a subsidy and neither is the payment to the bus companies for the free travel they provide for the elderly, disabled and other qualifying groups.

N Mackenzie, Grange Loan, Edinburgh

Senior service should remain

W McCULLOCH (Letters, April 11) is doing a great disservice to his generation.

Many senior bus travellers use the buses around 4-5 pm to hurry back from shopping, sports centres or visiting friends to prepare the dinner for their working children or grandchildren.

By the withdrawal of the very discriminatory bus travel times, all seniors can also now freely access their doctor, dentist or hospital, not having to worry about travelling during a barred time.

Surely this is the Scotland we all work hard to achieve?

Colin C Maclean, Hillpark Avenue, Edinburgh

Slow down or get off your bikes

I HAVE lost count of the number of times I have had to jump out of the way as a cyclist comes roaring round a corner. They should slow down or get off their bikes.

Alan Lough, Dunbar

Speaking up over elusive accent

IN ‘The Only Way is Edinburgh’ (News, April 14) I am described as having a Bradford accent. I have never been to Bradford in my life, partly because I have never had need to but mainly because it is very far from where I grew up.

Councillor Angela Blacklock, Leith Walk ward