Letters: SNP landowners attack smacks of class envy

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Once again we have the SNP picking the populist low fruit by attacking landowners. Nicola Sturgeon might think she is going to enjoy an easy political victory but it may not work out that way.

Her class war against landowners will cause collateral damage. According to independent researchers, Scotland’s rural estates contribute £470 million to the economy every year and employ 8000 people.

Nicola Sturgeon’s plans will see the estates broken up, taxed to the hilt or weakened to such an extent as to make them uneconomic. The landowners may suffer, but the real pain will be felt by the ghillies and other workers who rely on the estates for their livelihoods. They will be the ones to lose their jobs.

The examples of Gigha, where the community bought the island and now are collectively in debt to the tune of £3m, and Zimbabwe, where white farmers were forced out of their farms in favour of locals leading to the collapse of the agricultural industry are but two instances of the folly of such a course of action.

Most landowners are decent people who subsidise activities on their land, employ as many people as they can and keep communities thriving. This is a shameful, cheap and doctrinaire attack based purely on misguided perceived class envy.

Donald Lewis, Beech Hil, Gifford, East Lothian

Katie’s comments on Scots are a disgrace

As the mother of one of the Scottish volunteers who returned to Glasgow with Ebola virus sufferer Pauline Cafferkey, I would like to say how disgusted I am with the comments made by Katie Hopkins.

I had no idea who she was before this, but apparently she is a ‘Z list celeb’ who should get her facts right before insulting anyone.

They are not “sweaty Glaswegians”. How does she think the family of Pauline are feeling right now? They must be worried sick not knowing how this will affect their daughter. The rest of us are all on edge hoping no one else is infected.

All these people thought long and hard before they left, as they all wanted to do their bit to halt the spread of this horrible virus.

Let’s hope we can wipe the smile off this vile woman’s face, give her the sack and make sure she is punished for her efforts. She does not deserve a job anywhere near the media. Let her go and do some good in the world and then she might have something positive to say.

I would also like to say good luck to anyone else who has gone out to Africa or is going to help, and I hope you all come back safe and well.

Disgusted mother, Dumfriesshire

(Name and address supplied)

England says sorry for Hopkins outrage

May I say, as a born and bred Englishman, that Katie Hopkins’ opinions about the nurse with Ebola, and her comments about the Scots in general are appalling and are not representative of the English people.

I would also like to add that her comments about NHS Scotland are wide of the mark. I was treated at Belford Hospital in Fort William and was attended to in minutes, rather than the hours I would have expected to wait in England.

Once again I am very sorry. She should be sacked for her comments.

Donald Holden, Manchester Road,

Bolton, Lancs

Lollipop crossing staff should be better used

I Was interested to read your front page story (‘Recruitment crisis sees more than two dozen city schools left without crossing patrols’, News, 
January 3).

Around our area we have lollipop people who stand at traffic lights and constantly press the button to get the green man, even though there is no-one waiting to cross the road!

I’m sure school children are quite capable of pressing the buttons themselves without the need for a ‘special’ button pusher. Yes, I’m all for lollipop staff to be employed for busy crossings where there are no lights, but I feel that having staff manning ‘green man’ traffic light crossings is a bit over the top.

One place where I feel lollipop staff are required is at the top of Viewforth, where Boroughmuir High School pupils seem to get a break at 11am each day and think it is OK to cross the road at Bruntsfield without looking!

I imagine the same thing applies at lunchtime too.

It must cost their parents a fortune with all the snacks they buy.

Alun Thomas, Sinclair Close, Edinburgh

IMF tax plan is another good reason to quit EU

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has proposed a one-off levy on the assets of all EU citizens to pay for the future bail-out of fiscally challenged EU countries.

Cypriots thought that such “theft” could never happen but their bank accounts were frozen and ten per cent was deducted.

The IMF claims that it needs a ten per cent “wealth tax” on ALL of a person’s assets not just bank accounts to bring public debt back to pre-financial crisis levels.

The IMF paper suggests that this is a one-off levy but if you believe that . . .

Christine Lagarde is French, and runs the IMF, and she and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are close allies and with the Deutsche Bundesbank looking over the IMF proposal it will certainly get their stamp of approval.

Britain must leave the EU now.

My preparations include buying a bigger mattress.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow