Letters: ‘Tate Modern’ fitting use of Cockenzie

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It was such a relief to read that plans for a massive marine energy park have been abandoned at Cockenzie Power Station (News, March 31).

When I first heard about this proposal I was very alarmed about the potential damage to the historic Battle of Prestonpans site. Surely this is “sacred” ground, as part of Scotland’s rich history, and should be protected with the full force of the law?

But I guess when there are potential financial gains to be had, things like historic battlefields take a back seat.

Damage to the environment was another big concern. The size of the proposed plant was alarming as it would’ve impacted on an enormous area of both land and sea, and the effect on local marine life could only be a negative issue, with some delicate species disappearing forever.

I am confident that with a little bit of thought and consultation with local residents a much more acceptable use can be found for this site. I love Richard Demarco’s idea of creating Lothian’s own “Tate Modern”. What an exciting and eccentric use of this unique building – I do hope this plan comes to fruition.

G Fraser, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Alliance with Sinn Fein would be big mistake

Nicola Sturgeon recently alluded to the possibility of an alliance at Westminster between the SNP, the Greens and Sinn Fein. As Aesop wrote in a fable “You are known by the company you keep”.

Sinn Fein is a party whose name in English means “ourselves alone”, ie, they couldn’t care less about anybody else and have always refused to take their seats at Westminster as they don’t recognise the UK government.

They, like the SNP, want to break up the UK, and a number of their MPs had strong ties with the IRA, some at very senior levels.

As far as the Green Party is concerned, this is no bunch of harmless tree-huggers. These are seriously far left extremists as a look at their policy statement on their website will readily show.

This is a party that wants to abolish the monarchy, impose open borders, legalise prostitution and drugs possession, sympathise with terrorism, introduce far higher taxes, give more rights to travellers and asylum seekers, turn football clubs into co-operatives, abolish the defence industry and compel our armed forces to adopt a “non-aggressive stance”.

They do not believe in Britain’s identity as one Green document states, “Nationality is inherently racially discriminatory”, adding that the party will work towards the creation of a world where “the concept of a British national is irrelevant and outdated”.

Presumably that is a concept they would apply to Irish and Scottish nationalism.

Some alliance!

Donald Lewis, address supplied

Dismissal of academic findings beggars belief

You are not likely to find a better example of SNP denial and hubris than Martin Hannan’s piece (News, March 31). He asks us to overlook the Yes campaign’s introduction of the NHS as a relevant issue in the referendum, and the wholesale fiddling of facts, figures and forecasts by the SNP.

But he finds fault with the Vow. It was openly brought out, by named individuals, as a legitimate move in a political campaign. Furthermore, it was honoured in the aftermath.

Academic findings that the Vow made little difference to the result mean nothing to Hannan. For him academic work has “little do with real life”.

Now he doesn’t like tactical voting. Our first-past-the-post system is an open incitement to vote tactically. In the general election the SNP is hoping to take advantage of a fractured opposition.

Hannan says I’m no better than a pimp, but I urge everyone who likes politicians to be honest to vote for the candidate best placed to defeat the SNP.

Tim Bell, Madeira Place, Edinburgh

Trams do nothing but clog up city’s roads

Once again I see that the trams, the state of Edinburgh roads and 
conjestion is back in the papers. One view (News, March 31) is to make the trams more atractive to car drivers so that they will use them.

When are they going to get the message they don’t go anywhere people want to go? Yes, they go to the airport, but when you get there you have to lug your luggage through the car park to get to the departure lounge.

The 35 bus travels from ocean terminal to the airport covering vast areas of the city. Our buses were some of the best anywhere in the world before the trams were brought in, this has caused almost perment gridlock in and around Edinburgh.

They also say they have invested another £500 million for the tram link. Please don’t waste any more of our money on this white elephant.

Lesley Hinds says the council is committed to reducing road conjestion – that has to be the biggest joke of all, they have caused gridlock throughout the city, it’s almost impossible now for drivers to get from one side of the city to the other.

Add to that the 20 miles a hour speed limit and that will be the cherry on the cake for the council in bringing traffic in Edinburgh to a complete standstill.

Raymond Ross, Hutchinson, Edinburgh

Time to rejoice the beauty of springtime

Spring is such a lovely time of year, when lambs, young birds, etc are born and the the earth awakens to the beauty of Mother Nature.

We should all be thankful to our Lord in his creation of the world and the flora and fauna which is truly wonderful indeed.

Easter is a time for rejoicing in God’s glory.

Mrs June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh, East Lothian