LETTERS: Time is running out to support useful drugs bill

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On November 6, MPs will have the chance to support an important piece of legislation that could benefit hundreds of thousands of patients across the UK.

The Off-patent Drugs Bill would improve access to low cost, effective treatments for a range of conditions, from breast cancer to multiple sclerosis, and I would urge our local MPs to support it.

The Bill would ensure that drugs that have fallen out of patent, but have since proved effective for clinical uses outside of their original licence, are routinely available on the NHS.

With these drugs often being very-low cost, it makes economic as well as clinical sense for them to be more widely available.

Backed by the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now, along with a host of other charities including Prostate Cancer UK, Alzheimer’s Society and Bloodwise, the Bill needs 100 MPs to vote in favour to take it to the next stage.

With just days left until the vote, more work needs to be done to secure the parliamentary support it needs to succeed.

Time is running out, so as well as calling on our MPs to back this Bill that would help hundreds of thousands of patients, I would ask others to join me and add their support to the campaign by visiting breastcancernow.org/unlockdrugs

Mrs Morag Goulden, South Scotstoun, Edinburgh

Lothian Buses to rescue after yobs ambush

I’ve read in the Evening News over the past few months about buses being attacked and having windows smashed in places such as Gracemount, Niddrie or Wester Hailes.

Imagine my surprise travelling home from work at around 7pm on Tuesday evening along Buckstone Terrace when our bus was ambushed with eggs and stones, resulting in one of the windows being smashed.

Luckily it was the window at the luggage rack, so no one was injured - one window along is the wheelchair/pushchair space, so things could have been very different.

To my great shame I’ve come to expect such incidents being associated with the areas mentioned, but for it to happen at Buckstone comes as a bit of a shock. Just goes to show nowhere is immune from such idiotic behaviour.

Given that this was the last bus of the day, credit where credit is due, so top marks and thanks to our driver and LRT who quickly organised a replacement bus to deliver us all safely to our destinations, only a little delayed.

Paddy Lynch, Terregles, Penicuik

Property boom means more misery for most

Your headline ‘City tipped for property boom’ (News, October 21) should cause hearts to sink for every citizen who cares about our city.

What ‘boom’ means is rents and house prices rising at well above inflation, accelerating inequality, pricing out younger people and those on modest incomes and locking up capital in unproductive land values rather than the forward-looking, low-carbon enterprises which are the source of our future wealth.

The source of this speculation is major development at Haymarket or St James Centre - in other words, development which is being led by third parties.

Surely, it is time for such windfall gains in wealth to be part of an effective system for collecting revenue to fund local services and that the Scottish Government’s current review of council tax is the ideal opportunity to do that.

Councillor Steve Burgess, Greens Housing spokesperson, City Chambers, Edinburgh

Christianity is getting airbrushed out of Xmas

reader Andrew Forrest writes about a sign in TK Maxx wishing people a Happy Holiday (Letters, October 21). I, too, was irritated to see the same sign in the Botanics Christmas shop.

What is wrong with saying Happy Christmas? Are we so timid that we fear upsetting someone by mentioning Christmas? Members of non-Christian faiths are welcome to join in our celebrations or not, as they wish, but we don’t need to airbrush Christianity out.

Mrs Campbell, Hopetoun Village, Edinburgh

Daphne would be turning in her grave

What an insult to Daphne du Maurier! I walked out at the interval during Monday night’s performance of Rebecca at the King’s Theatre. This is the first time I have taken such action.

The production was shocking, more like a comedy than the marvellous play it is.

I was so disappointed.

Mrs Sylvia Wilson, Maxwell Street, Edinburgh

Hearts fans don’t quite own club yet, Gerry

I read in Gerry Farrell’s column that he is envious because “Hearts fans genuinely own the club.”

He is misinformed - Ann Budge genuinely owns Hearts. I’m afraid Hearts supporters have a great deal of money to repay to Ms Budge before they take over ownership.

Ian Lewis, Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh

Early planning for the next referendum

Sticker seen on a car bumper the other day, ‘Yes2’.

So when the SNP deny they’re working on the next one, don’t believe them - they’ve already been to the printers.

Barry Gardner, Ferry Road, Edinburgh