Letters to the Editor: Bin issue is a management failure

Overflowing bins in Leith. Picture; Jonathan Polling
Overflowing bins in Leith. Picture; Jonathan Polling
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I do not have a problem as such with the bin men knocking off four hours early using the practice of job and finish (‘They stink it’s all over’, Evening News September 5.


Job and finish is a practice that I have encountered over the years. This practice also takes place in some organisations outwith the council.

As long as the allocated tasks are completed and done safely, then the bin men have done nothing wrong. If bins in the city are still going unemptied then surely this is a serious management failure and serious changes to working practices need to take place.

If there are bins going unemptied, then surely something has to be done to entice the men to stay on longer and help their colleagues on an unfinished route. It looks like a full review of terms and conditions of employment is needed and for the men to receive a fair day’s recompense for a fair days work.

I have seen all the recent stories about unemptied bins and gathering rubbish and witnessed this myself when I visited the city centre on August 29 for the Festival Fireworks.

There were bin bags and full bins lying about on York Place very close to the bus station and it certainly looked very unsightly for what is supposed to be a leading capital city.

In contrast I visited Dundee city centre on August 27 to watch the Raith v Dundee United match. I noticed that the city centre was very clean and there were refuse collectors and sweeper vehicles constantly going round.

The area also looks modern, with new footpaths, unlike the broken slabs and footpaths you see around Edinburgh city centre.

The only conclusion I can come to is Edinburgh is a broken city with major problems and the council and the management team need a serious shaking up.

Alastair Macintyre, Rosyth, Fife