Letters: Too many benefits to mention with Yes vote

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with a ‘Yes’ vote, two layers of unwanted government would disappear, Westminster and the House of Lords.

Theresa May would no longer be able to sabotage the Passport Office, argue with Michael Gove or sit motionless when there are riots in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham.

Philip Hammond would no longer be able to weaken Scotland by closing down bases and searching for Territorials to substitute for trained soldiers.

Foreign interventions such as Iraq and Afghanistan, which clearly served no useful purpose, would no longer empty the Treasury, and leave a tragic residue of dead and maimed service personnel.

Credible attempts could be made to renegotiate the disastrous arrangements for our fishing industry, set up by Edward Heath. A system of taxation could be devised, which would reverse the current policy of making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

There would be no danger of the Health Service being privatised, so that only the wealthy could afford to be ill.

Alternative air travel would be more widely available and the Scottish money pumped into Heathrow Airport and its environs would benefit Scottish airports. The coagulation of industry and commerce in and around the sacred cow of London, would be diluted by a government that put Scotland first.

Westminster governments have got it wrong in the past. They are getting it wrong now and you don’t need Mystic Meg to know they will get it wrong in the future.

The Unionist parties are now promising ‘extra powers’ for Scotland – the option they insisted on omitting from September’s ballot papers.

There is more chance of Long John Silver growing a new leg than any meaningful powers being allocated to Scotland after a ‘No’ vote.

Joseph G Miller, Gardeners Street, Dunfermline

Rowling is wrong when it comes to banks

In JK Rowling’s blog explaining her intention to vote ‘No’ in September she implies that an independent Scotland would have insufficient money to bail out any of its banks if need be.

Does she not realise that the United Kingdom is currently in debt to the tune of well over £1 trillion, most of which was run up so that HBOS, Lloyds TSB and RBS could be saved?

It is a myth to suggest, as the Better Together campaigners repeatedly do, that back in 2008 the UK government had enough money of its own to fund those bailouts. Therefore, just like the United Kingdom did, Scotland would and could borrow whatever is necessary if faced with a similar crisis.

Mr Korstiaan Allan, Whitingford, Edinburgh

Letter shows dark side of Scots nationalism

The letter by William Burns (News, June 11) shows the dark side of Scottish nationalism. Scotland as a quasi-colony and yoked to London belies rational assessment. As part of the UK, Scotland has punched above her weight in matters of state, science and contributions to the modern world. Scotland has been over-represented in government posts, the foreign office, science and the army.

This so-called terrible London elite has the UK parliament which represents people from Glasgow, Manchester and Belfast etc, more so than London which voted Labour at the last election. The nationalist machine is using London as the enemy to avoid overt anti-Englishness. Creating an enemy is the first act in nationalism. To suggest that those who will vote ‘No’ are not patriotic makes the majority into the enemy too.

When Scotland votes ‘No’, as all the polls suggest, we will all have to live together and this thinly veiled hatred will be destructive.

Paul Beswick, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Hijacking of identities best seen in Britain

It is very much the case that Tony Blair didn’t play the Scots card as so many do, with Alistair Darling a high profile example of the Englishman wearing a kilt, and representing those others who instinctively want to stay with mother.

Another high-profile example of the kind was Arthur Wellesley the Iron Duke born in Dublin, and contemptuous of those fed upon oats as in the case of the highland Irish, and your aboriginal and authentic Scot.

You can still find the Scot however, and without journeying to the West Highlands and Islands by the simple expedient of switching to BBC Alba as half a million or so are reported to be doing.

This hijacking of identities by the Anglo Saxon is no where better represented than in the case of the Briton, ethnically cleansed from what became England, and some other places and not least Anglian Lothian.

David Plenderleith Phillips, Broomfield Crescent, Edinburgh

Opportunity to bring integrity to the debate

There is an opportunity to introduce integrity into the debate for Scottish independence. We must assume that all parties, indeed all reasonable and compassionate people, abhor the tendency of those sad individuals who take pleasure from the perceived misfortune of others.

Let all the press therefore combine to invite the leaders of all parties to condemn this despicable trait, and by doing so, also condemn those Englishmen who seek any sports team other than Scotland to succeed, and equally any Scotsman who cheers any team playing against England.

I fear that, judging by their silence following the vilification of JK Rowling, the silence will be deafening.

KG Walker, Parkhead Cottage, Bridge of Allan