Letters: Unlock the door to let more people into housing market

Demand for houses is strong
Demand for houses is strong
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Delegates at the SNP conference in Perth will understandably be full of ebullience after Monday’s referendum agreement in Edinburgh. However, Ministers still have to attend to the present business of running Scotland.

One pressing challenge is how to release pent-up demand in the housing market.

Demand for home ownership is strong, but too many people are being locked out of the market by prohibitive deposit requirements. Although we welcome the Government’s continued financial commitment in the 2013-14 Draft Budget to programmes designed to assist those looking to get on and up the housing ladder, I feel schemes like the MI New Home programme miss a trick by applying only to those interested in buying a new build home.

New builds constitute a small percentage of the housing sector, meaning a bona fide rejuvenation of the Scottish market will only come once the Government takes a more holistic approach and incorporates existing homes into future policy.

A strong market for existing homes alongside new builds would provide a firm foundation for Scotland’s future economic growth.

It makes economic sense for the Government to aim to extend the benefits of home ownership to as many households as possible.

This means helping households purchase the house they truly want, regardless of type.

If the Government wishes to inject new life into the housing market, extending support to the existing home market is a sensible place to start.

Malcolm Cannon, chief executive, ESPC, George Street, Edinburgh

Royal Bank is still a private concern

You claim that the Royal Bank of Scotland ‘has moved a step closer to becoming a private company’ (‘RBS in move to become private firm’, News, October 18).

But it is now and always has been a private company; our owning 82 per cent of the shares does not make it an agency of the Government.

Steuart Campbell, Dovecot Loan, Edinburgh

Gay campaign is using public cash

The Government uses our taxes to fund gay campaigning groups such as Stonewall.

Stonewall now places adverts on buses urging “Some people are gay. Get over it,” that also promote their campaign for same sex “marriage”.

In other words, the Government uses my money to try to change my religious and moral beliefs.

These Stonewall adverts are an example of the campaign to push references to homosexuality into every area of media, politics, education and culture, targeting all ages, challenging anyone to dare object.

Surely it should be up to parents to decide when and how to introduce their six-year-old to the subject of homosexuality

Stonewall, the Advertising Standards Agency and Lothian Buses obviously disagree and feel that the issue should be shoved in the face of every literate child in the Capital.

Richard Lucas, Colinton, Edinburgh