Letters: We are not the ones to choose assisted suicide

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I WAS saddened and disgusted to read that almost three-quarters of people in the Lothians are backing the legalisation of assisted suicide, according to a new poll which has been published (News, January 30).

Life is a very precious gift from God, thus he is the only one to decide when to give and take life, no-one else.

Though I feel very sorry for those who are suffering and in pain with terminal illness or other conditions, assisted suicide is grossly wrong.

I truly hope the legislation to change the law concerning this matter will never come to pass, either now or in the future.

Mrs June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh

Don’t give up our UK citizenship birthright

WHATEVER nationality we are, we can never change the ties that bind us together as the United Kingdom.

The SNP are asking the Scottish people to give up their birthright as British citizens, which will mean freedom of movement will be curtailed by bureaucracy, something similar to the Berlin Wall.

The “No” vote has a solid case that protects the fundamental human rights of freedom of movement to find work, education and health needs.

Taxation will be a major problem because being separate will mean a different tax system from the rest of the UK.

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marschal Road, Edinburgh

Johann Lamont is a ‘wee’ disgrace

SCOTTISH Labour leader Johann Lamont, pictured, came under fire for dismissing the Iraq War, childcare policy and Trident as “wee things”.

It was Labour nationally who took us into two illegal wars with lies. My son, like other men and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, are dismissed as “wee things”.

I will never vote Labour again. For a leader to say things like this are “wee things” is an insult to our brave 

To all mothers and wives who have lost a loved one, please remember this Labour leader.

Johann Lamont should hang her head in shame.

Mrs Helen Morrison, Elm Row, Lasswade

Searching for Britain’s greatest generation

History documentary company Testimony Films is making a new documentary series for BBC2 paying tribute to Britain’s Greatest Generation.

We want to hear from men and women in their late 80s, 90s and 100s who have vivid and interesting stories to tell from their past.

From childhood to war; romance to retirement – this generation has experienced the most radical amount of change within their lifetime than any other. Their memories and values are hugely important for educating and inspiring our future generations.

Do you have interesting tales of childhood in the 1920s and 1930s?

Did you serve during the Second World War or keep our home fires burning?

Have you found a new lease of life since retirement? Are your children or grandchildren fascinated by your tales of the past? If so we would love to talk to you about your story.

If you would like to share your memories with us please get in touch with Pete, Emily or Sara on 0117-925 8589, e-mail pete.vance@testimonyfilms.com, or write to 12 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH.

Time Scottish TV was less anglo-centric

I WOULD like to appeal to the controllers of our TV programmes in Scotland to look again at what they are offering us viewers.

I am 74 and don’t get out as much as I used to. I can’t afford Sky TV, but the other channels seem to show nothing but repeats of old films featuring English actors.

The commercials seem to be full of 16 to 22-year-olds trying to sell us goods. The so-called soaps are unreal and feature murder - children watch all this, no wonder there is so much trouble nowadays.

If I had to buy a licence instead of receiving one for free I would give the TV away.

Mrs Philips, Loanhead