Letters: We’ve said ‘au revoir’ to a little piece of Paris in city

Old look: Nicolson Square before redevelopers came
Old look: Nicolson Square before redevelopers came
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Once upon a time Edinburgh boasted a little gem of a square. A mass of cherry blossom, visitors and locals would stop to admire it; Nicolson Square could have been some corner of Paris.

Then the council decided to “improve” it, and some years ago the lovely cherry trees were swept away.

Have you seen Nicolson Square recently? Hideous orange gravel and, at the time of writing, a mass of weeds. And this on the boundary of a World Heritage Site.

Who was responsible for this “regeneration” atrocity? The cherry trees could have been replaced individually, when necessary, instead of felled in one.

The Chinese scarlet rowans which have ousted them are boring. No doubt the project was hugely expensive.

Only the railings, pillar and fountain have been improved. The garden itself has been rendered colourless and ugly. Somebody actually designed this?

Please, Edinburgh, can this square be restored to its former glory – or at least weeded?

C Lincoln, Pentland Drive, Edinburgh

GPs being treated with kid gloves

WHEN the fuel delivery drivers balloted to strike the Government labelled them not far short of urban terrorists, and threatened to call in the army to break the (never declared) strike: TV scrambled to get news-film of army drivers training at petrol stations, instead of training for Afghanistan.

The doctors’ trades union, the BMA, has not only balloted for a strike, but has planned it and named the day – so where are Westminster’s outraged cries of “treason” and threats to call up the Royal Army Medical Corps?

Are fuel delivery drivers more critical to the wellbeing of the nation than our doctors?

Of course they’re not, but they are more critical to the profits of the Conservative Party’s pay-masters, and there’s the rub.

Will the Government put the army on standby to succour anyone who happens to need a doctor on strike day? You bet your life they won’t: they’ll wring their hands, let it happen, and then pretend it didn’t.

You see, the Posh Boys from Downing Street still calculate doctors “are one of us” – on account of their pay and pension levels – which explains why, for the time being, the Government is handling them with kid gloves.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the gloves, of both sides, come off.

David Fiddimore, Nether Craigwell, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Sitting on sideline wastes our votes

NORMAN Bonney’s letter (May 30) welcomed the Green group of six to the council and welcomed their fresh perspective.

I must admit to giving them my second vote for a similar reason.

However, I have now been made aware that they refused to enter into coalition with the SNP and Labour groups.

I will not be giving a vote again to a party which prefers to carp from the sidelines than truly make a difference.

Bill Cunningham, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

Campaign is not only for the SNP

JAMES Anderson (Letters, May 31) makes the mistake of thinking the Yes Scotland independence campaign belongs to the SNP. It belongs to all the people of Scotland, whether members of political parties or none. Already there is a Labour group for independence plus a women’s group and a business group for independence.

No-one can say what the world, Europe or the UK will look like in five years’ time and after independence Mr Anderson can vote for whichever party he thinks has the best policies on the economy, Europe, defence or social justice.

Mary Thomas, Watson Crescent, Edinburgh

Retire early to give youths jobs

WOULD it not be a good idea in the recession for those over 60 to retire from work to create jobs for younger people?

It seems that youth unemployment is chronic, and since the over-60s are near to retiral, some might relish being able to quit working.

Trevor Swistchew, Victor Park Terrace, Edinburgh