Letters: Will park decision leave the city with egg on its face?

Park site for school has created divisons
Park site for school has created divisons
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TOMORROW a recommendation to appropriate the land at Portobello Park will be considered by elected members at Edinburgh City Council.

The park is the controversial site for the proposed new Portobello High School.

The council has already appointed contractors, granted itself planning permission, gone to court over its right to build on this inalienable common good land but has not yet appropriated the land.

So either:

1. This is just a tick box exercise carried out by the council, at public cost, or:

2. It is a genuine exercise and the council runs a real risk here of having egg on its face and not being able to proceed with its own plan.

I know which one I think it is. Either way they are not presented in a good light!

Jennifer Peters, Duddingston Crescent, Edinburgh

Public ownership is right for buses

SINCE the SNP reduced funding to bus operators, First, a private company that must maximise profits, is not to blame for cutting “under- performing” services in East Lothian and Midlothian.

Musselburgh people regularly see rows of half-full buses running bumper to bumper because First and Lothian must compete for profitable routes while overcharging for less profitable, outlying routes.

As Labour dithers, the SNP, arguably responsible for these cuts in services and jobs because of austerity cuts, wants a publicly owned bus company to run unprofitable routes.

This “arms length” company means the taxpayer will pick up the tab for the shortfall in a fragmented bus service that has failed some commuters.

If the SNP and Labour can’t see that proper public ownership must be part of a wider debate on the future of Scotland’s buses and before any more money is wasted on yet another bus company, wouldn’t it save the taxpayer a lot of money if the SNP just reinstated the funding it cut?

Jack Fraser, Musselburgh West Anti-Cuts candidate

First stop should be a joint bid

FIRST Bus stopping some services throughout East and Midlothian could be a good thing for the passengers in these areas.

The comfort and condition on most of the buses is poor.

Why don’t both East Lothian and Midlothian councils talk to Lothian Buses and try to buy into the company?

Then the passengers in all the areas within the Lothians would have a great service with modern and clean buses and say goodbye to First Bus.

This would keep staff in work and help against the possible loss of services if and when the dreaded trams start operating in Edinburgh.

Derek Scott, Musselburgh

Take Capital out of Disneyworld

EDINBURGH has been on a downward spiral for around 20 years.

We seem to have our heads in the sand or stuck in some political dogma when choosing our councillors. That attitude has resulted in the state this city now finds itself and I am not just referring to the trams. The investment in our roads, pavements and general maintenance has been shocking.

At the same time we see our council tax being spent on ever more stupid ideas thought up by our councillors.

The wishes of those who live and work here are ignored, and at the same time it feels like Edinburgh is becoming more and more like Disneyworld.

There are only three parties we can truly blame for this and they are Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP.

They are the parties who have held most power and have abused that power.

It is time the voter decided to give these parties the boot. There are plenty of other candidates to choose from and they cannot be any worse.

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh