Letters: Women of Scotland – vote for independence

Women for Independence meeting. Pic: Comp
Women for Independence meeting. Pic: Comp
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IAM amazed that women in Scotland are less likely to vote for indepence than men, according to some analysts.

The reasons given range from their children’s future and pensions to the price of food and energy, etc.

How do they know they would not be better off? Are Scots women scared to take a leap forward and have our own country returned to us?

Are they happy to be governed by whoever is in power at Westminster, where the biggest problems are crooked politicians with second homes, duck houses, etc and bankers with overblown bonuses?

London is a ‘country’ of its own, without enough care for the rest of the UK. Even Cornwall is being made a special case.

Scotland was a country with its own system. It is a fabulous country and we have lived long enough being trivialised and referred to as part of England.

Even the people in other parts of the country get scant regard. Wales is also a separate country but is treated like a bump attached to the side of England on a map.

As a woman I want my country back before I die. I’ve wanted it for years and perhaps this will be our last chance.

Pay no attention to the vitriol and scaremongering in the papers and on TV. Women of Scotland, don’t be put off - you are not ‘fearties’.

Name and address supplied, Edinburgh

Elena’s death is a tragic loss to tennis

IT is sad news that former British No 1 tennis player Elena Baltacha has died of liver cancer aged 30 (News, May 5).

Elena, who was born in the Ukraine but raised in Scotland, revealed that she had the illness in March, two months after learning of her condition, and two months after retiring from professional tennis.

She had only recently married and her husband and family must be heartbroken. My prayers and sympathies are with them in their sad loss.

Mrs June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh

Why Salmond gets a wary reception

IT seems William Baxter and others (Letters) are at a loss to understand the “attacks” on Alex Salmond.

Have they considered it may just be something to do with him being chief cheerleader for those who want to split the UK?

That itself puts him very much in the firing line of those who disagree.

In fact, the ‘Yes’ backers have been let off very lightly. They have been allowed to have the referendum question phrased so that a ‘Yes’ answer is invited.

They may even get the chance to repeat the process if they don’t like the answer.

Conversely, if the result is ‘Yes’ then separation is forever and we must live with the consequences, good or bad.

John Taylor, Drum Street, Edinburgh

Voters won’t fall for Ukip day trippers

I was amused at Ukip’s top Scottish candidate writing to the News (Letters, May 2) from an address in Easter Road. The reality, of course, is that Mr Coburn’s address on the notice of poll is Kensington in London.

That will be helpful, I’m sure, for his role as a candidate for Bexleyheath and Crayford in next year’s Westminster elections, but hardly much use to voters in Scotland.

And it raises a wider truth for Scotland. The Scottish Greens’ European campaign is based on a track record in the Scottish Parliament and on Scottish councils. Ukip’s attempt to hoodwink Scottish voters is solely based on getting enough cross-border spillover from absurd media obsession in England.

So on 22 May voters have a stark choice: Scottish Greens for a vision of Scotland which is welcoming to those who choose to live and work here, which seeks economic justice and which diverts public investment from bombs to building a nation.

Or the daytrippers from Ukip.

Maggie Chapman, Scottish Green Party, Lead European Elections Candidate 2014

Interesting times for Scottish Championship

I can’t help wondering if those shadowy figures who pull the strings in the background (and who view the less than beautiful game more as an investment or director’s fee opportunity than a sport) are orchestrating the simultaneous relegation of Hibs and Hearts to the Championship.

After all, a league comprising Rangers, the two Capital teams and a clutch of hungry second graders will be far more interesting to follow than a Premiership where Celtic plays, in effect, all on its own . . . might even get me watching the game again.

David Fiddimore, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Keep East Coast Line in public ownership

Official figures from the Office of the Rail Regulator show that the East Coast Line – the only publicly run line – also offers the best value for the taxpayer. For the financial year, 2012-13, it returned a net surplus of £16m. The figure for the only private operator to return a surplus, South West Trains, was £5m.

This is fresh confirmation that the East Coast Line is being successfully run as a public operated railway which offers a better return to the taxpayer than any of the privately operated lines.

The Government’s obsession with reprivatising the line just doesn’t make sense.

Mark Lazarowicz, MP for Edinburgh North & Leith