Letters: World Heritage status not under threat at Caltongate

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Your report of January 31 about the “Caltongate” development does not represent an accurate or balanced representation of the facts.

Proposed developments in the World Heritage Site are always assessed in terms of their impact on the Outstanding Universal Value of the Site.

The City of Edinburgh Council has a clear and established protocol with Edinburgh World Heritage (EWH) for commenting on development issues, which ensures that their views are considered at an early stage.

In this case, Edinburgh World Heritage advised the City of Edinburgh Council that the proposals recently passed by committee had met the requirements put forward by UNESCO’s 2008 reactive monitoring mission to Edinburgh.

While Edinburgh World Heritage advised that the proposals would have a minor negative impact on the World Heritage Site, it was made clear that this of itself would not warrant inclusion on the World Heritage “in danger” list or threaten its status as a World Heritage Site.

Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site is a vital asset for the city, which brings enormous cultural, social and economic benefits for its citizens.

Edinburgh World Heritage will continue to work with the council and all of its partners to ensure full consideration of the importance of the city’s historic legacy, while recognising the need for growth and sustainability.

Councillor Ian Perry, convener of the Planning Committee

Adam Wilkinson, director of Edinburgh World Heritage

Blame politicians for falling voter figures

IT is no wonder that people are continually not voting in national and local elections as they come to realise that politicians just do not listen to their concerns.

The latest decision by government not to release the “open” criticised HS2 report on the grounds that it was not in the public interest is a clear example of why politicians are just not trusted anymore.

This smacks of a cover-up, as usual, where democracy, openness and transparency are just not a part of modern politics in the UK anymore. All those in Westminster need to realise that the people are not as stupid as they appear to think.

But could it possibly be also the reason why parliamentarians want to lower the voting age to 16 now, as our young are far more gullible than older, informed voters?

It appears to me that politicians have their own agendas, objectives and vested interests to look after in the long-term, rather than those of the voters. You only have to look at the jobs that some former ministers end up with in business after they leave office to see this clearly.

Dr David Hill, PO Box A60, Huddersfield

Poor don’t lack aspiration but jobs

Some rich people, including Prime Minister David Cameron, say poor people “lack aspiration”.

This trite observation shows the toffs have not seriously researched long-term poverty.

It also shows they lack compassion and common courtesy. Cameron’s Tory party need policies, not bad-mannered insults.

Then we may stop reading of unemployed people making 70-plus job applications and not getting a reply.

Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln

Fairweather friends of Pete Seeger

I have been bemused by wealthy American businessmen and politicians – chasing the soundbite – queueing up to heap praise on the folk singer Pete Seeger after he died recently.

These are the same businessmen who, no doubt, would have applauded the week before if the same old man, on a trades union picket line (one of his natural environments) had been clubbed down by the police.

Old socialists, apparently, only become acceptable when dead – I’ll have to remember that.

David Fiddimore, Nether Craigwell, Calton Road, Edinburgh

In search of the Edinburgh Monarchs

I Have followed speedway since 1968 and am hoping any Edinburgh Monarchs supporters could help me complete my programme collection.

I am trying to obtain 2012 Edinburgh Monarchs programmes for May 4 and 25; July 6 and 13; September 7; October 5 and 19, plus one Edinburgh v Glasgow programme of October 11, 2013.

If any Edinburgh Monarchs supporter could contact me, I could come to some arrangement with them.

J Simpson, 20 Bannen Court, Forrest Street, Airdrie, Lanarkshire

A streetcar named Sir Sean

NOW that the trams are about to come into use, could I suggest that three of the cars in the fleet be called Sir Sean Connery, Greyfriars Bobby and the One o’clock Gun?

Stewart Wilson, Spylaw Road, Edinburgh