Letters: Wrong to ditch right to buy without new homes

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SOME politicians and lobby groups are responding in delight now that the SNP has decided to ditch the “right to buy” that was available to council tenants (News, July 3).

The legislation was brought in by Margaret Thatcher, and I suppose some will think it is marking the end of an era now that the former Prime Minister herself recently died, although plenty of other policies she brought in remain to this day, so Thatcherism is still alive.

While I appreciate that there is a shortage of social housing partially as a consequence of “right to buy”, I think in some ways it is a shame to see it go. For some people, it has been the only way to become a house owner.

That was the case for my family back in the 1980s, and within a number of years the street became one of owner-occupiers, save for two or three houses.

Houses and gardens were kept neat and tidy as the owners took a real pride in what was now theirs.

It is one thing doing away with “right to buy”, but it is an empty political gesture unless the SNP backs it up with a significant programme to build more social accommodation for the many who need it, including the many young people now who cannot afford to take the first step on the housing ladder and who will be condemned to renting all their days.

Randall McLean, Portobello

Tell us, where has all the money gone to?

I DON’T believe there are many who could deny the benefits the Scottish Government has given to the people of Scotland. These include free prescriptions, free university education, and end to bridge tolls and a freeze on council tax among other things.

So just what is it that the Tory and Labour cliques would offer that is even better if we vote against independence? As far as I can see, they do nothing but whine and bleat at every opportunity to dumb down the very government that the people put in power, yet they cannot offer any alternatives of their own.

The records show that trillions of pounds have poured into the Treasury in London since North Sea oil first flowed decades ago, and this is nothing compared with the income tax and VAT receipts, so where are we now after accruing these colossal sums over several decades?

There are food banks, nobody can afford to buy a house, there is fuel poverty for motorists and for householders, low wages, fewer job opportunities, the “bedroom tax” and dying people being told they are fit top work. Where did all the money go?

J Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh

The public should bin their rubbish habits

I DO wish the general public would use waste bins to deposit their waste, rotten and half-eaten food, tin cans, plastic bottles and such like rather than throwing it on the pavement.

Obviously they have not been trained like the dog owners who stick to the council’s rules.

I would also like to suggest that cycles should be registered, since more and more people using them seem to think that they are entitled to the use of the pavements at some dangerous speeds.

M Munro, Craigleith Hill Gardens, Edinburgh

What a way to run 
a bus company

I WAS returning home from getting a few messages in Corstorphine when the bus tracker informed that a 31 would arrive 22 minutes later. During this wait for a 31, three No 26s came in convoy!

Here was me thinking “How on Earth can we have a head of bus operations when three 26s come at the same time” when another two 26s came.

In a ten-minute slot five 26s passed Sainsbury’s at Corstorphine with the last three totally empty.

And here’s me at 76 waiting 20 minutes for a 31.

This happened at 3,45 last Saturday, and by the way, when the 31 arrived, another 31 was directly behind it. This has been going on for years.

George Mills, Mearnside, Edinburgh

Seems trams are now off the Christmas list

WELL it seems the idea of having trams running by Christmas was just too good to be true..

Transport convener Lesley Hinds has shied away from naming a date, saying “The public is fed up of politicians announcing dates and then it doesn’t happen.”

She got that right, but it’s such a shame people got caught up in the over-optimistic figures about the size of the project, how quickly it could be delivered and how it wouldn’t cost that much.

And to think people bought this nonsense after the farcical situation where the Scottish parliament building went many times over budget.

I think the business leaders who claimed the project could be finished in time for the festive season must have been looking at their Christmas wish list.

Kate Colquhoun, Northfield, Edinburgh

Shame on fiend who abandoned a lizard

RUMEL Miah must have got the shock of his life when he went to use a supermarket loo only to be confronted by the monitor lizard which had been left abandoned in a bag in the toilet cubicle (News, July 2).

It is thought the female lizard was a pet who is now being cared for at Edinburgh and Lothians Scottish SPCA Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Shame on the evil fiend who abandoned the lizard.

June Fleming, Musselburgh