Letters: Yes may win, but don’t bet on it

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I AM sick and tired of the media referring to the independence referendum as ‘historic’, a ‘crucial decision’, and ‘the most important for 300 years’. What utter nonsense.

Why is it any different to every general election, when people can vote for independence? The SNP have been trying for 50 years and have never been anything other than a minority.

The so-called ‘landslide victory’ at Holyrood was on a pathetic turnout of 49 per cent, of which the SNP got less than half the votes.

In other words, most people think the Scottish Parliament is not important and Alex Salmond is First Minister on the basis of about a quarter of the electorate.

The referendum is a farcical waste of time and money and is doing great damage to Scotland’s reputation.

The ‘No’ campaign will win by at least two to one - if you doubt it, Ladberokes are offering 10/3 on a ‘Yes’ win and just 1/5 on a ‘No’ victory.

I hope that on September 19, the First Minister does the honourable thing and resigns.

John Davidson, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Health monitoring helped save my life

I am writing to urge those who receive the bowel screening kit to use it! I received mine a couple of months ago and decided not to do it, my wife nagged me, and to stop this I did the test and sent it away.

I received the results within two weeks, it stated that they had found blood and asked me to do another test, I returned this, and the next thing I got was a hand delivered letter from the Western General Hospital with an appointment for a test.

Unfortunately it was found to be cancerous. In a short time I received an appointment to see a surgeon and told that when caught in time, bowel cancer treatment was very effective.

I was admitted and had part of my bowel removed. Two weeks after the operation, I received a call from the specialist nurses to tell me that the pathology results showed they had removed the tumour and I was clear of cancer.

I will have to attend the hospital twice a year for tests, this is a small price to pay for my health. I would urge people to do the test. It takes a few minutes to do in the privacy of your own bathroom, and may save your life.

I would like to thank surgeon Ms Din and her team and the staff of wards 23 & 58 of the Western General Hospital for their treatment and care while I was their patient.

William Greig Whyte, Piersfield Grove, Edinburgh

Ferris wheel will damage the Gardens

I READ in the Evening News (June 12) that the council are going to put the big Ferris wheel in Princes Street Gardens during the Festival.

The gardens are lovely at the moment for walking or sitting. Once more they are going to be ruined for an eyesore.

I often wonder if the council are sitting on their brains. Have they not done enough damage to our lovely city already?

M Anderson, Elliot Street, Edinburgh

Referendum vote is fairer this time round

I NOTE with interest regarding the forthcoming independence referendum that the no thank you, Better Together campaigners are claiming that Scotland has already said no in a referendum held in 1979 on Scottish devolution.

In fact, the majority of the electorate said ‘Yes’ on that historic day. It was the target set by Westminster that made it virtually impossible for Scotland to achieve devolution on that fateful day.

The referendum on September 18 will be held by Holyrood under a much fairer system. Whatever the result, I hope the people of Scotland from both sides of the equation will accept the decision and unite to achieve a better, prosperous and flourishing Scotland.

George McFarlane, Grange Loan, Edinburgh

Missed patient target is a Coalition disgrace

I was disgusted to read a UK Government commitment to rehouse mentally ill patients closer to their families is to be missed (News, May 31).

The Government had pledged to reform the system but a June 1 deadline to rehouse thousands of patients has not now been met. This is appalling. Mentally ill patients should be near to their families.

Mrs June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh

LibDems’ pro-EU stance cost them dear

danny alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has made it crystal clear that he is a champion of the EU.

In other words, he is telling the people who did not vote Lib-Dem in the recent European elections that we are all thick and do not understand that it is great to be bossed around by a bunch of Eurocrats who spend taxpayers’ money like confetti and that we really don’t want to be in charge of our own nation.

Yes, Mr Alexander, no wonder you went from having 11 seats in the EU to only one, because you are not listening to anyone’s opinion other than your own and we are fed up with it.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar