Lifeboat crew rescue dog ‘heading for Fife’

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A DOG was rescued by lifeboat crews after swimming half a mile out to sea.

Tess was well on her way to Fife when lifeboat crews caught up with her in the Forth this afternoon.

Crews caught up with the dog half a mile from shore

Crews caught up with the dog half a mile from shore

Her owner became concerned after the black Labrador refused to return to shore after taking a dip off the coast of Blackness, near Linlithgow.

A South Queensferry lifeboat crew was dispatched and plucked the dog-tired pet out of the water, wrapping her in a blanket until she could be reunited with her delighted owner.

Tom Robertson, deputy launch authority, said: “Tess was still heading for Fife and was obviously very determined to go swimming.

“We had a very quick and safe result. We got the call at 1.30pm, and she was back on shore 15 minutes later.

“We have rescued dogs before but never that far off the shore.”

He added: “The big danger in all these incidents is that people go into the water and the dog comes back to shore, but the people don’t.”