Lights fault fixed after traffic chaos

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COUNCIL chiefs say they have now repaired a traffic light fault which caused chaos at one of the Capital’s busiest road junctions.

The lights at Straiton Junction, where Burdiehouse Road meets Captains Road and Frogston Road, were out all weekend and during yesterday morning’s rush hour.

Conservative Lothians MSP Gavin Brown said: “After receiving a number of complaints from constituents I drove out to investigate and it was complete chaos. Turning left was tricky and turning right was more or less impossible,

“Quite how it takes so long to fix traffic lights is beyond me. At worst, a set of temporary ones should have been installed at what is one of Edinburgh’s busiest interchanges.”

A council spokeswoman said engineers went out at the weekend but were unable to fix the problem and put up signs. The fault had now been repaired.