Local Heroes: Luke Minto fought back after car accident

Luke Minto. Picture: Gordon Fraser
Luke Minto. Picture: Gordon Fraser
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Little Luke Minto lay dying on the street after he was knocked down by a car just days before Christmas.

That was in 2013, and now the youngster is back at school and playing football with his pals, after bravely bouncing back from his horrific injuries.

Luke, 11, has made a remarkable recovery at twice the speed doctors anticipated and has caught up with his schooling, despite suffering a brain injury and spending a week in an induced coma.

He also suffered a fractured skull, a double leg break, bruised ribs and blood on his lungs, but the only outward sign of his accident is a slight limp that hasn’t kept him off the football pitch.

In tribute to his son’s determination to get well and back to school, dad Derek has nominated him for a Child of Achievement honour at the Local Hero awards, saying: “I’m really proud.”

Doctors originally told the Mintos, from Whitburn, that Luke would be off school completely for up to a year, and wouldn’t be able to return to classes full-time for another 12 months after that, threatening a serious interruption to his education.

Luke said: “I really wanted to see my pals. It was just like normal being at school, but it was a bit more difficult going back after my injury.”

Mr Minto said: “The doctors didn’t expect him to be back at school so quickly, but he’s gone back full time this week. He’s worked really hard and the school has been really helpful. He’s not lost his place in his class, he’s kept up with his peers despite his injury, which is really surprising.

“It’s great that he’s back doing sports again too, because that’s what he really enjoys. I’m really proud of him.”

Luke was only saved after doctors from the specialist Medic One squad arrived, putting the boy into an induced coma to stabilise his condition just as paramedics already on the scene thought his heart was about to stop.

He remained unconscious for a week after the accident, only waking up on Christmas Day. The family kept their decorations up until January so that Luke wouldn’t miss out on the celebrations with sister Chelsea and brothers Derek and Finlay.

And in September last year, Luke was finally well enough to meet the Medic One team and thank them for saving his life.

How To Nominate

The Local Hero Awards are open to anyone who lives in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 5 at the Assembly Rooms.

The easiest way to nominate someone is to visit www.localheroaward.co.uk

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The closing date for nominations is Tuesday, May 5.