Loretto director Moore than happy with MP’s lecture

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THE Secretary of State for Scotland has visited Loretto School to deliver an autumn term lecture.

MP Michael Moore’s lecture, A Life in Politics, urged youngsters to debate the future of their country.

It provided an insight into the politician’s life, from his earliest inspirations and influences including a childhood in Northern Ireland, to the impact of Sir David Steel on his early political life.

Jonathan Hewat, director of external affairs and founder of the Loretto Lecture Series, said: “We are most grateful to Michael for sparing his valuable time to deliver the Loretto 

“Perhaps the most unique feature of the Loretto Lecture Series is the opportunity for anyone to meet, listen and to question some of the world’s most famous and interesting people.

“The Loretto Lecture Series is completely free and open to anyone.

“Our next guest will be announced shortly. Suffice to say, it will be the most enormously popular and remarkable celebrity.”

Mr Moore was keen to address the young people – aged 12 to 18 – in the audience, who represented five local schools, and asked them to consider what they wanted for the future of Scotland.