Lothian man’s beard ointment is online hit

John Jackson's beard lotion is a hit online. Picture: Greg Macvean
John Jackson's beard lotion is a hit online. Picture: Greg Macvean
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THERE are lotions to iron out wrinkly skin and potions for dazzling hair.

But now one madcap herbalist is lathering up a new elixir to glam up fuzz often forgotten in the daily beauty regime – men’s beards.

Hairy John Jackson, 29, has blended three organic ointments that transform drab scratchy bristles into soft, flowing whiskers using hempseed oil, with his concoctions being despatched to unshaven menfolk across the world.

In what is believed to the first business of its kind in Scotland, Braw Beard Oil has devotees in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but having cracked the web market, Mr Jackson is now aiming to stock his product on the shelves of major retailers.

A sports masseuse to trade, the Macmerry businessman is familiar with professional oils and it was this training that eventually beat a path to the Braw Beard Oil.

He said: “I’ve always had facial hair – well, since I was 15. And I wanted to create something that makes beards more attractive and appear healthier,

“I was into sports massage and came up with a blend to promote healthy hair after using some of the oils. I tried it on my beard and it was amazing, it just make it shine and had an amazing smell.

“I worked on the three different versions of the oil, which all smell differently, for about eight months before taking them to market. And they have been selling brilliantly.”

Mr Jackson insists his Braw Beard Oil is different from a wax and therefore not suitable for styling but instead acts as a facial leave-in conditioner.

And he said: “As far as I’m aware I’m the only person in Scotland doing this, though I know there are similar products in America.

“So far all the feedback I’ve been getting has been tremendous and 100 per cent positive.

“They are all saying how their beards feel a lot softer and more attractive and some whose girlfriends don’t approve of their facial hair say they are now coming round to it because its softer and less spikey.”

“I’m using hempseed oil with all these omega fats that are good for your hair health. It’s also really good for taking itchiness away from their beards, it’s anti-inflamatory and has a moisturising affect too.”

Braw Beard Oil comes in three distinct aromas – Grafter (a scent of freshly cut timber), Wulvine (a sweet musk) and Lover (sweet rose), with each container costing £8.49.

Sales, so far, can be counted in the hundreds but the beauty product’s has been doing a rip-roaring success in terms of online and social media customer feedback.

One Edinburgh beard oil fan, Ryan Tyack, 28, who has been using the product for the last few months, said“I had read about beard oils and decided to get my hands on some. You get an instantly tame beard.”