Lynne McCrossan: giving you the skinny on mean jeans comments

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An expiry date has been slapped on slipping into denims and a T-shirt it would seem. The fashion police are cracking down on anyone wearing them who is 50-plus. Does it smack a little of apparel ageism to you?

It all started last week when Carol Vorderman dared to dress in denim – figure-hugging denim I have to add.

Scores of fashion Philistines got all antsy about someone of her vintage sporting skinny jeans. To make matters worse, she teamed them with a tight T-shirt.

Let’s put this into perspective, she wasn’t spotted spilling out of a car skantless. Nor was she having a “wardrobe malfunction’” like poor Janet Jackson.

Ms V was simply wearing some casual gear and going about her business like any lady on a down day.

But the fact she wasn’t wearing a pair of “Mom jeans”, so we could mock her, seems to have been her misfor-tune.

Skinny jeans are for young people, it was said. No, I say, skinny jeans are for skinny people. The clue is in their name.

This woman has a great figure, a shape women half her age would envy.

So it seems the age-related argument was just a decoy for something more sinister – good old fashioned jealously.