‘Madam’ fails in bid to hire Geller’s son

A SCOTTISH mother accused of running a multi-million dollar prostitution ring in New York has failed in an attempt to have psychic Uri Geller’s son appointed as her lawyer.

Anna Gristina, originally from Kirkliston, had applied to have Daniel Geller appointed as one of her attorneys. However, Manhattan Supreme court judge Juan Merchan refused the request on the grounds that Mr Geller – who has only been licensed as an attorney in New York since March – does not have enough experience.

Gristina was allowed to fire her current lawyer Gary Greenwald and replace him with Norman Pattis. Mr Geller said he would assist Mr Pattis.

Gristina, 44, is accused of running a brothel for the past 15 years and has been remanded in custody since February. She has now had nine different lawyers, and was warned by Judge Merchan that he was unimpressed by the repeated changes.