Make a long day of it at the Botanics

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A NOCTURNAL wildlife safari is set to take place at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden on the longest day of the year.

The garden, which normally closes its gates at 6pm, stays open until 10.30pm for Midsummer evening to give people the chance to enjoy the Botanics.

Badgers and foxes are just two of the animals that might be seen during tours led by RSPB guides, who will also be telling visitors about the Botanics’ bird life.

Visitors will receive free admission to the glasshouses as part of the midsummer celebration between 6pm and 9pm on Thursday. The glasshouses will close at 9.30pm.

Indoor supervisor Fiona Inches said: “You don’t have to spend money on an air ticket to see the tropics when, for one night only, there will be free access to the ten climatic zones of the glasshouse experience.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the glasshouses as dusk falls and the birds and insects settle in for the night.”

The event, which will also feature live music within the garden, will take place tomorrow night.